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I am now a former lowes customer. What is wrong with the Lowes in Rock Hill, SC? I was in there on Friday, July 4th , 2008, in the morning, went to the electrical department, wondered aimlessly around, and found no employee working there, I asked for some assitance from another employee, and never got anywhere. And what is up with the credit card machine, sometimes they work. Until this Lowes betters itself, I will do my business at Home Depot from now on. And have told my friends to do the same.

Randy Wimore

Rock Hill, SC

former lowes customer

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Really..than go to home depot!!!!I hate customers like you...we really could care less if you go to home depot!!!! They have higher prices anyways!!!


Randy, if you worked at Lowes as you say you did, then you would know that credit card machines don't read everytime. Duh!!

Why were you even in Lowe's on July 4? You should be with family and friends hanging out! There's an idea! And for that matter, Lowe's shouldn't even be open on July 4.

What do you think about that? And Lowe's employees do get breaks every now and then, every think about that?

And there are call buttons which they are timed on. Come on Randy, you did work there didn't you?

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