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I have multiple instances in the last few months at the Jonesboro location. One evening I witnessed a elderly couple loading house blocks on a cart, which took both of them to pick up one.

While two lowes employees stood at the end of the isle and watched. I stopped and loaded the rest of the blocks for them, and waited and loaded them in their truck, since apparently the guys working there weren't going to help them. Last week went and ask for 16 sheets of Osb. The sales associate asked another employee to get them and he showed a very bad additive about it.

He brought the Osb out on a fork lift. Then tried to tell me the sheets would not fit on my trailer. Anouther employee and my self told him it would fit just have to hand load them. He got on the forklift and tilted the forks and dumped all 16 sheets on to the trailer,some went in the trailer, some did not, breaking 2 of them, and not saying a word drove back into the building.

Bought a washer and dryer this weekend, the sales associate in the department was huffy because we ask for some assistance and apparently it interfered with what ever else she had going on. Picked the washer and dryer up next day, the ask my plywood dumper to go get it ,it seem to upset him. He rolled it up front on a dolly and turned around and left, they called him back to bring it out and load it, He rolled to my truck in the loading area, and told me he wasn't a loader. I had to go back in and ask for assistance.

Will NEVER shop at lowes in Jonesboro Arkansas again Will drive the extra 5 minutes and pay more at their competitors. I have never had or witnessed bad service there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Lowe's is a self service home improvement center, always has been. So how much help do you expect them to give?

That's how they are able to have lower prices. If you don't specifically ask for help, they aren't going to help you.

They and Home depot have driven all of the full service home improvement store out of existence because people like you are only interested in cheap, cheap, cheap. Don't blame Lowe's for basically giving the consumer what they asked for.