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I bought a GE microwave from Lowes in Ardmore Oklahoma. This is a 60 mile round trip.

One of the microwaves feature didn't work so I returned it, another 60 miles. Lowes had another one on the floor but it had obviously been opened so I asked a very nice associate if I could check it out before I purchased it. She was very helpful and let me test it out even though appliances wasn't her department. The same function did not work .

Ryan, the associate from appliances, shows up and now I have to explain it all to him and showed him in the manual where this function was supposed to work. He messed around with for a few minutes and of course couldn't get it to work.

I asked if he had another one [online it showed they had 6 in stock] that had not been opened so I could check it before I drove 30 miles back home and his response was a very rude NO !!!

So long Lowes. I'll never set foot in your store again

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: Problem solving skills.

  • rude employee
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And how was Ryan rude?

Exactly what did Ryan do that was considered rude to you?

Exactly what did Ryan say that was considered rude to you?

Please explain that one.


Maybe if you read you'll see that he refused to provide service for the sole purpose of being an ***. What other reason could he possibly have?

Go ahead let me hear a justification for their *** poor service.

This is a serious problem for the company as a whole and should probably just close their doors. They failed.


I am not a mind reader and so I have no idea whether or not he chose to be a ***.

So based on your bad experience with Ryan, Lowes should just close every location?

How would you feel if your employer did this?