Atlanta, Georgia
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I have went to lowes hardware in va for years and never had so much of a problem from one individual, as i did today.

Hers how it started i had bought some paint "the best" as told by the employee, well as i had some problems with the coverage. i called and the lady was very rude to me as was her associate in the backgroud she was telling her "she didnt want to talk to me or she would holler at me"

Well needless to say she was more less calling me a liar, so i called the store manager he then told me to bring the paint back, which i told him and he said he would talk to the associate, needless to say i will not return to the paint dept at lowes again, id rather get my pain some other place, more curtious ppl.

youd think with a big sale they would be friendlier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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It is customer like you that put a big pain in the you you know were! Peoppe in the paint dept give good advice and you the customer hear only what you want to.

You want to get the job done the cheapest and quickest way possible, but you ask what is the best! That is bull!

If you are told to do your job this way and then pick the cheapest products you can, well buddy thats what you get a cheaply made and poorly done job! Dont blame the Lowes Paint Dept for you short comings!


Am I supposed to be a man, am I supposed to say, it's OK, I don't mind. I don't mind.

Well I mind! I mind big time?

And you know what the worst part is? I NEVER LEARNED TO READ.


It's customers like you that cause us can NEVER be satisfied, even if we did it 110% correct, and threw ouselves on a sword afterward, you'd still complain about something! Also, the word is couteous, not curtious. Oh the pain...the pain


Just one question. You posted I will get my pain some other place.

Is this a typo or did you purposely type Pain because of the bad experience you experienced. (the rude attitude, accusing you of lying ect.)