Manassas, Virginia

ei was a customer at lowes store number 397 and i was at the customer service desk askin questions on an item and some concerns i had with that item.a manager and i use that term loosely was callled to the front,only after checking his cell phone did he fine the time to come out and speak with me he was the admin mngr wayne.he only addressed the situation breifly seemd botherd by my and did not look the slight bit interrested in getting me the customer service i deserved.he actually walked away while i was in mid sentence.i dont see how this company can have someone like that working for them.when i asked other associates at your store i was informed i was not the first one to complain and even if i sent this nothing would be done..i hope that is not true...its a sad day when young teens have more respect than someone who is expected to be a professinal.please do not let this go unnoticed for when i return i hope to see that very rude man GONE!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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lowes 397 has never had a wayne as a manager


The thing that you all do not realize is not only are the managers rude to the customers ( i once witnessed one call a customer a f'in dumba** and she is still a manager there) but they treat their employees like *** too. So, not only do the employees face abuse from the management but the customers also.

@knowshowit is

this of course is nonsense, If it were true the manager would not be working at this or ant other lowes.You people allow anyone to comment .I am thankful I too can comment on this absurd knuckelhead


The phone the manager had...are you sure it wasn't a "Store Phone" and not his cell phone? They do have portable phones.

You never really stated what the item was you were looking for Item # Model # name of how do we know you are sincere? What if you just have a problem with the individual?


:) gues wht u *** ppl u will alway come back to lowes hated or not you will you need lowes and say no. and wht ul go to home depot guess wht thy wil f u up at one point


Tell him about it @