My husband and I went to the Clermont store today and was told the ID card he has for a discount was no good at that store. His card is his discharge from the Army and he uses it at other stores and has never had a problem with it before.

We want to know why this store is always giving vets a hard time about a 10% discount?? Could you please advise on this since if there is a problem with Lowe's the we will start going to Home Depot for all our needs., This was all said by the store manager.

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TO FED UP there once was a thing you young punks don't know about it was called the "DRAFT" you had a choice Jail Canada or do your time some of us old *** went because we lived in america and wanted to keep it free "not because we wanted to v sign on the line" but because it was what was required of Us so don't talk about siging on the line

Paisley, Scotland, United Kingdom #632216

A military discount is for active and retired military. It is also a gift and for you to complain about such a gift is arrogant and ignorant.

No military deserves a discount anymore than police officers or firefighter, but those stores that offer it do so out of the goodness of their hearts. Stop being so selfish and greedy.

Clermont, Florida, United States #632205

:( from my understanding its policy. but i don't understand is why they have to call a manager to give the 10% and as a customer I have to wait sometimes 4 to 5 mins.

for someone to come..by that time the line is forming :x give the override to the cashier. :zzz

to frustrated as *** Naples, Florida, United States #632389

Because all discounts have to be manager approved to prevent unauthorized discounts. If you can't wait a few minutes then stop demanding the discount.


Also, Lowe's calls it a Military Discount, not a Veteran's discount. That's for a reason.

I agree with the other lady, it's a courtesy not something you're entitled to.

Thank you for serving our country but realize it's not something Lowe's or any other retailer has to provide.

You can find the MILITARY policy on lowes.com.

Naples, Florida, United States #600679

You should have a VA card, or a current or retired military ID. The discount is a courtesy not a right. Entitled much??


Lowe's gladly offers the discount with the proper id. PHOTO id either the current military ID, retired military ID or a VA card.

not the old paper discharge papers. Why don't you have one of the above?

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #597132

To to Home Depot, they don't hassle you there.

Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States #595187

Lowes used to give military discount using any military card and against their own policy. Now that they have GSA military contracts, the government requires them to only accept cards that reflect a 20 year retirement, or receiving VA benefits and must be HONORABLY discharged.

I bet you were told this and not just that they don't do it at that store. If you go to Home Depot it would be a blessing to the mimimum wage cashier who had to deal with your RANT. Go to Denny's on your birthday ang get a free breakfast, drink decaf and relax.

The server makes $4 an hour so make her day and tip her $5. Maybe God will give you a 10% discount on your SINS.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #594494

As a former Lowes mgr and currently a mgr for another retailer as well as a vet myself I find it insulting that customers would use their "vet" status to get a discount! Like most vets I signed the dotted line to serve my country not to see what kind of freebies I can get!

My thanks for your service should be enough. Get over yourself!


Better not go to Menards because they no longer have a military/veteran discount. It's the 3rd largest home improvement store just behind Home Depot and Lowes.

The reason they no longer offer the 10% discounts is because it's unfair to the other hard workers of this country who choose to be a police officer/doctor/teacher and so on.

I work with a few veterans and they think you're all tools coming on here complaining about a 10% discount. YOU DIDN'T JOIN THE MILITARY FOR A 10% DISCOUNT, GET OVER YOURSELF.


What gives you the idea that vets are entitled to a 10% discount. Doubt you can find anything in your enlistment or discharge papers that says stores have to give you a discount.

Be happy when you are offered a discount but quit *** when you don't get one. Vets have done a great service to the country but so do police officers, firefighters, teachers and on and on.

It seems that the only people to complain about not getting a discount are vets. Why is that?

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