I think it is a TOTAL disgrace that Lowe's no longer offers a 10% discount to U. S.

service veterans. I was told by employees at Lowe's that if I applied for a veteran's stamp on my driver's license, that I could save 10% on all purhases frpm Lowe's.

It took me 4 trips to the DMV and a very long wait in line to finally get the veteran's stamp on my driver's license only to be told that Lowe's no longer honors this policy. VERY disresspectful to all our honered veterans who served and gave their lives for their country.

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West Point, Georgia, United States #668136

Lowe's still offers the discount, so long as you have a valid ID card. I just did 5 transactions today giving the discount...


Lowes made this very clear...they are still offering the discount only to those who have a valid military ID or veterans identification card. If you cannot produce one of these two items, then you will only receive a discount on veterans holidays.

Tampa, Florida, United States #662345

***,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Every cheap *** wants a discount....Most people who join the military as a last resort because they are to *** to get a real job or education,,,,,,,


The "TOTAL" disgrace is anyone that feels so strongly that someone owes them a discount. Too bad you think so highly of yourself.

You are no better than the police officers, fire fighters or other deserving individuals. You don't see them complaining that they don't get discounts.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #659748

Find a coupon like the rest of us or use a store credit card to get 5% off each visit.


Sigh.... You're not entitled to a 10% discount.

The military is a career choice nothing more. I know people who I work with former military and they think you people are the disgrace. You did not join the military for a 10% discount. Fire fighters, police officers, teachers, you name it they don't get a discount and are more worthy than some dumb fool who joined the army for a pay check.

The majority of the people who do join are either to dumb to go to college or in a tight situation for money.

It's a career choice nothing more. Only clueless people think you joined to serve your country lol.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #659561

I can understand a discount being given to active duty military, but why to veteran's. You aren't any more entitled to a discount than law officers or fire fighters who put their lives on the line every time they go on duty.

I realize they chose their careers, but you also opted to join the military, knowing what it might entail. Being you are a veteran, you are no longer putting your life on the line.

to anonymous #659626

Are you serious? They are entitled to that discount.

They did put there lives on line, and didn't get enough money doing so. It's kinda sad to say they put their lives in the line of fire for people like you, selfish!

I think anyone who is active in the military, fire fighter, cops who become veterans should always get the perks.

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