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on veterans day I went to the Lowes with my mother and ant, in Yuma az first off we own a large company that does a large amount of business with this company, we bought 18 dollars and were going to pay cash but mom said ur a vet show ur id and get a discount I never show my military id but with mom ant being there I showed my id here's the worst part the young girl said you have to go to costumers services to verify i went to home depot instead they just lost a great contract

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Here we go again. Another vet complaining about a discount they think they are somehow entitled to.

Yes, you can get a discount at Lowes but you have to register for it.

If you are too lazy to go through the process they sure don't owe you one. I expect your next complaint will be on the Home Depot board about their discount policy.


Wall of text that I cannot read or understand.