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The gentlemen who responded to my post are probably correct. Joining the military and becoming disabled should not entitle me to a discount, anymore than the handicapped should be entitled to a parking place close to the store.

It was Lowes idea to offer the discount in the first place. It just seems disrespectful of them to stop offering the discount. I would feel the same way if they offered a discount to seniors and then took it away. In addition, whether this is a matter of respect, it was also a marketing tactic designed to bring military into their store and the likely reason was to either build a following or to follow Home Depot's policy which was first.

In either event, they still offer a discount to contractors if they use their Lowe's credit card.

Maybe that will be the next discount discontinued. After all, let's not forget the bottom line is profit, profit, profit.

Original review posted by user Jun 09, 2013

Lowe's previously offered a 10% discount to military veterans and the cashier would frequently say "Thank you for your service." As of June 10, 2013 they have discontinued this discount and the flyer states "Sorry for any inconvenience." I have always been a loyal Lowe's customer. I'll have to rethink that in view of their attitude toward those who have served our country.

This is particularly troubling in view of their huge profit margin an in my opinion, the deteriorating quality of some of their products. Lowes paint is a good example. I painted a wall with their Signature (top of the line paint) and returned it after three coats failed to cover.

Home Depot is looking better and better. I hope the public responds to this with their pocket book.

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #671698

Lowes offers the VET discount still and all year as opposed to Depot that only offers it on certain holiday weekends.

to Reality69 #809697

In my area, Home Depot gives the discount year round and Lowe's refuses to give me a discount because I do not have the VA picture ID card. In fact home depot even has a parking space dedicated to veterans.

West Point, Georgia, United States #668131

Since when did we stop offering the military discount? I did 5 transactions today for vets giving them 10% off.


The military discount has NOT been discontinued. They simply are requiring a valid veterans or military ID now, whereas before they did not. If you are not active duty or do not have a VIC, then no discount will be offered.

Walnut Creek, California, United States #662926

The bottom line for ANY business is profit, profit, profit. Contractors may get a discount because they spend a large amount of money yearly.

And yes, a lot of customers to Lowes or wherever will say they spend a lot of money as well, but it doesn't mean they need a discount. We spent 20k in Lowes last year for a remodel, and in no way did I think I needed a discount, I'm not a contractor.

There are plenty of 10% coupons out there, plus, using a Lowes credit card you get 5% off whenever you use it. When Home Depot loses a customer, they come to Lowes and visa versa.


I know people in the military who think people like you are a disgrace! You did not join the military for a 10% discount, to expect one is self entitlement at it's finest!

Joining the military is a career choice nothing more.

Your recruitment officer did not say if you join you will get 10% discounts for life everywhere you go! You joined because you either A) Wanted money for college B) Where to dumb to go to college C)Wanted a legal way to kill people.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #662355

Why do veterans think they are entitled to a discount, they are no longer in the military. They aren't any more entitled to a discount and maybe not even as much, as law officers and fire fighters.

They put their lives on the line every day that they go to work. You are no longer putting your life on the line. I realize the law officers and fire fighters knew what they were getting into when they chose their careers, but people that enlist in the military know that too. I am 73 years old and don't ever remember this being done during other wars.

It is something that has been started the last few years. I can understand active duty military getting a discount, but I don't know why veterans think they deserve one.

to anonymous Joplin, Missouri, United States #663611

From your age sir, I must ask, "Did you serve in Korea?"

Or did you hide out in college or play in your sandbox at home.

You have never had the thrill of being in a foxhole, being bombarded with RPGs and mortars, real live rounds whizzing over your head and you have no F'n clue where they are coming from.

You have 13 months of pure ***. Every second of every day.

No, I don't expect to get a discount, but they show their appreciation to us that have served, so that your dumb@ss can speak freely.

Maybe you ought to move to a country where you have no rights or liberties. Then you might appreciate what WE have done for you.


One POed Marine

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