Springfield, Missouri

I'm a disabled vet and get a small check every month. Lowes gives me a 10% discount and so does HD.

They don't have to do this and I sure do appreciate it. If they stopped the 10% I would still shop there. Vets complain way too much in my humble opinion. If a clerk messes with you ask for the top manager.

I just went through this at HD and the manager corrected the problem on the spot to my satisfaction. Just remember the clerks are human and do have bad days.

Don't blame the company. They are in a very tough business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Thank you for your service.

In the store I work at we are told we aren't allowed to accept certain types of military ID.

That corporate passed a policy. When we try to enforce the policy management disregards their earlier instructions making us look bad.

Sometimes when a cashier says we aren't supposed to its because that's what we were told to do. Just felt like saying its not because we are jerks.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #671964

Now you are a person of understanding and honor. Thank you for your service and not acting on entitlement.

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