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I went to Lowes to get their so called Veterans discount and was told my 43 year old VA card was no

good nor was my DD-214. So I tried The Home Depot. No problem. After spending thousands of dollars

over the years at Lowes, I can can see there are only interested in my money and not my service. I

Hsve watched my fellow Vietnam Vets get the short end of the stick for years and I'm sad to say it's

still happening. America still wants to forget us. I'm sure going to forget Lowes.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Do you get 10% off gas? New car?

Why building materials?

Did you join the military to get $.19 off of a 2x4? Ridiculous


Quit friggin whinning you little ***


Lowes no longer considers a Vet’s DD214 as 'acceptable' proof of getting a 10% discount. Now - you have to be retired, active duty, or disabled vet - and have a Picture MILITARY ID to prove it.

So for all of us who served in the 'Nam and every other *** hole in the world, and didn't do 20 years or was disabled, Too bad! They will not give you a picture ID. I was forced to Nam and the ones who went to Canada was pardon by our presdent. I was spit at, called a babby killer and was forced to change my uniform after returning to the state for my safty.

How many Active Duty people have spent their entire career in the states?

Oh, they do allow vets discount on three, I can wait till Veterans Day, Memorial Day, or the 4th of July to buy a new appliance. I raised *** about their NEW policy! Obviously, a new policy made up by some office pogue who has no clue, and doesn't give a *** what real vets have been through!


I just retired from the military and now work at Lowes in delivery but had to learn the register for three days. I know what a dd214 is and a va id but people who weren't in the military oftentimes have no clue and since your id doesn't look like the sample one their register book they don't want to get in trouble.

From one vet to another, I appreciate your service. Next time elevate it to a manager and they will probably honor it


And yet, I see our store continually bend over backwards to give unwarranted "deals" to slumlord landlords and property owners all the time! But let someone who actually gave a good portion of his life defending this country TRY to get even a meager legitimate discount and it's "katy bar the door" time! Really sad.


thank you for your service! please shop at a locally owned store, introduce yourself to the owner and let him know that you are pledging your loyalty to his operation and see what happens.

No policies needed, not a corporate envrioment where employees cant make a on the spot decsion for a customer.

Its not the fault ofthe big box stores, thats just the way that they are designed to operate. Shop local!


Ah soh! You American kill my gleat glandfaddah!

He vietnam! *** American.


Hello. First of all, thank you for your service. I have a lot of respect for all veterans. You guys don't get anywhere near what you deserve.

I believe Lowes official policy is to only give the discount to active and disabled military personnel. I work at Lowes at nights, and I take care of any veteran that shows ID. My store is fairly lax about the policy.

Some stores, however, are not. Some people don't wanna risk losing their jobs for a couple of dollars. I believe Lowes does need to change the policy to cover all veterans. As far as I know, Depot has the exact same policy as Lowes. It's probably a lax Depot and a strict Lowes.

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