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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - 2 failed water heaters

2 failed water heaters and I was told to take them apart and figure out what was wrong with them. Then I should disconnect them and bring them back. Who supposed to pay for the plumber to connect and disconnect each time. Whirlpool was so rude, they went as far as hanging up on me and said it was my problem. At no time was I rude or unreasonable. Lowes said it was out of their hands. Deal with Whirlpool. This goes back and forth and I'm out the time and the money for the plumber visits. Let alone the number of trips to return the hotwater heaters.
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The Truth about Lowes

I would like to start off by saying, I hope to not offend any one w/ this statement. I am an employee of Lowes. Just as you have your horror stories, we have ours. I love working with the public and truly love helping customers. But, I have been cussed, spat on, had things thrown at me. Even w/ this being said, I still love helping others. It takes a polite, responsible,patient, courteous, and mature person to work in retail. It is not for everyone. Please remember, when you go into your neighborhood Lowes, we want to help you. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we sure will try. Afterall, do you honestly think that all of us want to upset, offend, or sell the wrong product? No, we don't. We are only humans. At some point, mistakes happen. I undertand it costs you, the consumer, money, time and patience. And of course, there are always employees that do not care whether or not you get help, or even get the right thing. And, it only takes one rotten to spoil the whole bunch. Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find the perfect one. We are out there, we are the ones who try to solve your problems. We are the ones who load vehicles for the elderly just because it is the right thing to do. We are the ones who think about an unhappy customer after we leave work. We are the ones who wonder what could we have done different to make the customer happy. We are the ones who try to help you even though we are in an area we know nothing about. We are the ones who call you if you drop or lose something. We are the ones who see you struggling w/ something and grab you a cart BEFORE you ask. We are the ones who truly do care. And yes, WE ARE OUT THERE! I will not say which store I work at, just that it is in the south. I am not in management, just a small little employee w/ a heart and a voice. If you learn anything from this message, I hope it is to be compassionate and understanding. Afterall, I still am after years in retail.
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retailer4life youre a liar...lowes service sucks and you know it. And who "made" you read these forums.



Uhm, honestly, I worked for Lowe's for 3 years, worst retail experience in my life so far. Managers were 10 years younger than me and I was 32 at the time.

Regional didn't care, corperate didn't care, they treated us like push button robots, worked 60 hr weeks and maybe a 2 day weekend off every 3 months.

You complain, you got written up and eventually axed. Worst place I have ever worked.


Hey Wally, stop dreaming about getting in Dr. Bailey's *** and give me some facts about customer service, pretty boy!!

Before you call me one!

You know you can't these arguments on this sight, It's like taking candy from a baby going head to head against sapa like you! You can only come back with a little smirky one-liner, that alone is a clear indicator of the intelligence difference going on here!


Hey retailer4life, you're a *** and a shining example of what customer service is not.


This, in a nutshell, sums up what we @ Lowe's truly are. We are there to help, NOT be ridiculed, made to read all the tripe the complainers have to write about in these forums, I have called out several of the "complainers" personally on this site, and of course when I've challenged them with the facts, they no longer communicate!!

Truth about Lowes nailed it, in my book. To you complainers, take it elsewhere!

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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Consumers have to be involved to nasty words in this web site

We know your not into a christian store,because you post PISSED consumers and We like to know you talk to your children this way the complaint again is the store in Kokomo. The counter (5) colleges all the GIRLS and gang up when the customer wants to check out. The girl at the door bothers bothe registers and they constantle refuse to take care of the custonmers first. The customers are a second class citizens in your stores and have no regard to seniors and all my complaints are when we check out we have girls talking to eachother and helping the customer and give advise where they can get a cupon. what is with the potty mouth in your web sights. you should find another wOMAN to write you material is it gross. By the way you still punish the comsumers because we do not use the card.We use the debit card and we get no thanks ot the 5% as you give to using your card. Lowes has our business now they have customer friendly web sight with no nasty words. Get another girl to write your material or myabe it is a china girls who has no morals for the USA We are forced to click on the box PISSED you see what i am saying your not a christian organization and your people have to humor you to work their knowing they have to be apart of your inmoral advertising
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I love Big ***


What's our problem with chinese women? I think they are cute and great cooks!!


You are clearly a ***!


WHO is off their MEDS


Wow, old people from red states and the internet, that combo never gets old. Upset about the word "pissed", but its ok to insult someone by insinuating the are Chineese? I'm not sure who's more confused, the poster while typing or me while reading.


shut up get of the site! :cry


Huh? :eek

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Lowes is charging for water bottes $13.99,if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water cooler and brought my empty bottles back and was told that they are worth nothing.They said it is not a deposit but a promotion.I paid $7.00 for those bottles and I...
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I'm sorry you all seem to have a issue with this, but the retailers are correct, it's not a deposit, the water bottles cost the $13-14 each for pre-filled. The 6.99 is a DISCOUNT price because when you return the empty you get a COUPON. This is not a deposit which would be mandated by the governmental body of your locality and marked as such on the receipt, and be mandated to be returned when the container is.

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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Excessive order

i bought slate blue siding for my house and garage. 3 years later i needed to replace 2 pieces. i was told i had to order at least 12 pieces. when i first purchased the siding, it was a stocked item. now its special order only. yet they have tan in several shades in stock. what gives? plus their new checkouts suck big time. plus try getting a semi to their docks to deliver a load. mishawaka, indiana is the worst. also i bought kitchen cabinets and now i wanted to expand and guess what, the cabinets i purchased have been discontinued. it seems everything i purchased is no longer available. oh by the way, they built a lowes store i mile from my home, and my new kitchen cabinets will be purchased from there.
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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Sold me the wrong product for the job described

In late march of 08 I went to Lowe's Paint dept at their Brunswick, Maine store. (Iam told this store was the #1 Lowe's store, in the nation and the Manager the #1 Manager in the nation.) To purchase a product to clean 5 cedar decks, attached to my home. I asked specificly for a product to clean CEDAR wood. The paint salesperson told us that OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER was the best they had to offer for my application and offered no other product. I purchased a large amount of the Olympic Deck Cleaner, read the directions several times, adhering to the directions, I proceeded to apply the product to the decks. The Olympic Deck Cleaner, appeared to be doing the required job but then a goo started to form on the surfaces of the decks as I rinsed them, according to the product directions. The more I rinsed the more the goo came. The end result was that when the decks dried I found they were covered with a gray coating, about 2 mils thick along with a blanket of wood fibers, adhered all over the deck. PPG, makes the Olympic Products. Lowes, has been assisting me in getting resoloution from PPG's tech. dept. However PPG refuses to accept any responsibility. They tell me I should not have used the product on cedar. NOW, here is the kicker. The Olmpic Deck Cleaner has no infomation what-so-ever on their product's container warning a consumer not to use it on Cedar! The tell me they have a Deck Brightner, that is made for Cedar & Redwood and I should have used that product. I was not told about the deck brightner and find that the Lowes store I went to does not even stock it! PPG tells me to sand the decks down to clear wood and finish. A very expensive, labor intensive job that might not be totally effective. I have an estimated $5,600.00 in damage or possibly much more! NO ONE CARES TO STEP UP TO RIGHT THE WRONG!!!
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You should have read the part that sayd try on a small area first. Would have saved you a lot of money and time.

PPG is not responsible for your mistake. Lowes if any are due to them selling u the wrong product if you did tell them it was cedar.


You should have Lowe's repay you for the hassle. They are the ones who reccomended the product so they are responsible.

It does not cost that much to resand your deck and restain your deck. This is what we do for a living. Sometimes you need to research several options and products before you try and do the work yourself.

Good luck! :)

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Lowes need reality check on who they hire to install!

First of all, I am so pissed off at Lowe's in Louisville, Ky. right now! Don't ever buy carpet from a box store...ever!!! You might think you are saving a bundle but, trust's not worth the hassle of the incompitant people Lowe's contracts out to install the carpet. I really believe that my 2 yr old could have done a better job measuring the carpet rather than the "carpet installer" His measurements were soo way off that they weren't able to install my carpet after 5 weeks of waiting! We ended up waiting another week to get the extra carpet ordered and installed. In the mean time, we had to basically live around the mess of my house which was torn completely upside down (my husband had moved all the furniture) When they did install the carpet, they took more smoke breaks than anything. Such lazy-***! They also booked it out of the house as soon as it was laid, leaving us to clean up their mess! They didn't even sweep the carpet remnants or moving anything back to the rooms like they were being paid to do! Lowe's needs to be a little pickier on who they hire to represent their company! I will NEVER buy anything from their AGAIN!!!
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:) Correction:

Lowe's Hire's General Contractor's.

( Certified Installers )

Ray Installer Mill work's

Brighton, Co 80601


:) Correction:

Lowe's Hires Certified

General Contractors!

The Home Depot hires a General Contractor, he hire's ( Sub-Contractors!


Certified Installer



dont take it out on lowes, look they have a instalation garantee if your not happy then save your breath for the manager not the forums, i instal for lowes as a carpet installer, if your not happy,they will take care of it. Look it doesnt matter were you go you'll have problems every were. sorry it is hard for me to be everywere all the time


Jeff Lowes stands by nothing they do I live in Louisville, Ky and I'm dealing with *** for 8 mo. You must be one of those SUB CONTRACTORS.


first of all all of these are sub contractors not lowes employees these are the same guys who install for your mom and pops . the difference is lowes will stand behind their installation where others hide

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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Lowe's St. James, NY Brandon Blowhard *** Mgr,

Attempted to have a few rudimentary questions clarified for a millwork order recently. Had received a very polite call from the evening mgr responding with a final quote and he indicated he would be following up the next morning to answer a simple question. The next morning Lowes calls, they dont know anything whatsoever about the previous quote/call nor about the open question. When I reiterate asking to have my question clarified, the employee drops and runs to the manager. Ok, perhaps the Manager is the go to guy. Guess what.. Noooooooo !! The Manager procedes to claim that I berated his employees (only spoke to the one this morning) and that he deals with 100's of customers and no one ever questions anything that they fork over their money, bend over and have him insert his attitude asking how rude can you get Brandon???? Deeper Brandon!!!
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Lowes in Reston, Virginia - Poor Service on Tool Return

I purchased a Black and Decker Router last Sept. for a project at home. The project was cancelled and I didn't open the router box until February of '08, when I noticed that the box had been opened before I purchased it (from Lowe's). The collet on the router would not open sufficiently to take a bit. I took it to the Lowe's store where I bought it and they were able to knock the collet out and replace it with one they took from a new item on the shelf. I took the router home, assembled it, plugged it in and turned it on. The bit did not turn and the motor just hummed. I took it back and they would not simply replace it, I had to take it to a dealer or distributor who would replace it. That required me to take time off from work because the replacement station was only open from 9 to 5 and it was an 80 mile round trip from my house. This is the second time I have purchesed an item (first was a water heater) from Lowe's, only to get it home and find out it had been previously opened and was damaged. I will not purchase another tool or appliance from Lowe's - they are impossible to work with. Home Depot is far more customer friendly.
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Put yourself in their place, you sell someone something, 6 months later they come back and say that they just now noticed the box was open and that they really, really swear they didn't open it in all that time and use it, not even once - and its broken. What would you do?


You waited 6 months? Lowes is under no obligation to help you, that's what a warranty is for...


Well, if people didn't constantly try to get one over on retailers by returning products that they use...this wouldn't have happened to you.

BLAME politically correct America...cause that is who is really at fault.

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Lowes in Alexandria, Virginia - Washer and Dryer

Three men showed up and only one spoke English. They installed the washer but neglected to remove the rods inside it which are temporarily installed to keep the drum from moving during delivery. I didn't know this and it almost destroyed the washer when it went into the spin cycle. The dryer was missing a piece that connected the unit to the exhaust vent. They told me that I would have to contact Lowe's about it and just left it there uninstalled. On top of that they wanted me to tip them before they left. Worst service ever.
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On behalf of Lowe's I am so sorry... I hope those delivery drivers got fired!

I know if they were my delivery driver in my store I would have fired them! Again sorry!

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