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Here’s the thing about Lowes installation contracts. It concerns ‘forced arbitration’. Meaning that if a dispute arises between you and Lowes as the result of a faulty installation, you could be out of a lot of money even if you choose to take them to arbitration...
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As a former Lowe's installer, I can say this post really isn't doing homeowner's any service. The reality is that Lowe's pays out of pocket to take care of so much stuff.

The installers often eat that cost, but customers are basically guaranteed satisfaction. In the rare instances they don't take this approach (pay out to make it go away), it's because there is literally no merit and it is obvious the customer is out to get free money. Anyone who works in construction, especially residential knows there is a lot of grey involved. Was that gutter damaged before we arrived?

Did that wall have that issue in that one corner of the house. There's literally so much to account for it results in a lot of grey. Therefore, it just comes down to good faith between the homeowner and the installer. We had to eat so much expense because customer's, who understandably don't understand the technical aspects of our trade, would complain and Lowe's just forced us to pay to make it go away.

I can't stress enough how much better off you are going with a larger company like Lowes. One, they will always be in business. Most service companies go out business after a few years. Two, they're such a large company, they just pay to make stuff go away.

Three, you're far more protected from a legal/insurance perspective.

This is probably the biggest advantage of Lowes or a bigger company than some small business. You're better off going with a large company, whether or not that's Lowes.

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