Lowes is charging for water bottes $13.99,if you return a bottle it is $6.99.I got rid of my water cooler and brought my empty bottles back and was told that they are worth nothing.They said it is not a deposit but a promotion.I paid $7.00 for those bottles and I...
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When they first started they were deposits and mid stream thy changed how they called it. so anyone that purchased a couple years ago they treated it as a deposit.

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#128853 Review #128853 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Pissed off at Lowes

Today, Sunday 12/16/2012, my husband and I were shopping at Lowes in Gautier MS. I was RUDELY ordered out of the store by "one of many" store manager. Reason being, my 12 lbs Yorkie-poo! He was in the cart sitting very calmly on his pillow, not barking, but being a very good boy. We have been taking him to Lowes for 7 years and NEVER has anyone stated that dogs were not allowed. This manager spoke to me in matter that I will not tolerate. He is obviously a women and dog hater. His mannerism leads me to believe he's on a "power trip" with the manager's title! I fully intend to report him to Lowes headquarters. Apparently Lowes is TO BIG TO FAIL if their willing to lose customers over this ***!! Home Depot will be getting all my business in the future.
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Did you happen to notice the large "Service Dogs Allowed" sign on the front door? Why do you think those rules apply to everyone except you? You're in the wrong, don't blame other people for that.....


as a former employee of lowe's, i know it's against policy for any animals to be in the store beyond assistance animals.


i mean seriously, what goes into that thought process? i was in arizona at the time and i'd get an earfull of "HEY, it's 200 degrees in a car right now!" and it took every fiber of my being to not ask "THEN WHY THE *** ARE YOU TAKING THEM FOR A CAR RIDE?!"


Maybe you're out running errands and have your dog with.....what ? Leave him in the car? Its not like they sell food....if pet stores are ok why not lowes....i hate people and love my dogs....


Next time bring your dog in a kennel..thay may help. Maybe he was allergic to dogs..which shouldn't be in the store unless a service dog.

Good luck elsewhere. :)


I work at a Lowes in Texas. I see as many dogs in my store as people.

Seriously. I dont bring my pets to the store with me. I will never bring my fish to Walmart, I will never bring my cat to Whataburger. Why do people bring dogs to Lowes?

All *** day long...all laid out in the shopping carts like babies.

I *** hate people that do this and I usually wont offer them help. ***, LEAVE YOUR DOGS AT HOME!


I wish there was a share button. I would love to post this stupidity to Facebook and every other social network so they can get a good laugh.


I like dogs too, but Lowes is not a place to bring your pets. We had an incident where a shoppers dog bit a 6 year old as she walked past.

The girl was not trying to pet it.

She was just walking by the cart. Well now that shopper is facing a large lawsuit, and the shopper is hoping Lowes backs her up which they will not.


Its the policy. Get over yourself.

Im guessing that he probably doesn't hate dogs or woman.....just ignorance.

Just because you have been speeding down a road for 5 years and have not got caught doesn't change the speed limit.


Get over it. Leave the dog at home like most people do.

That thing they call a shopping cart is NOT a stroller for your dog, in fact, it just may be the next place I sit my toddler down in, so YAY for the Lowes manager, new or old, for abiding the Lowes policies. Take your dog to Petsmart.

This coming from a mother and a dog lover.


I'd sure like to know where Heartless works so I can avoid shopping there. Seem to be the kind of person I'd like to avoid.


Most retail places only allow Assistance Dogs in their stores. You're very foolish thinking you can bring your dog anywhere you want.

In most states dogs are banned from Parks, unless it's specifically a dog park. I voted for FUNNY! You're exactly the type of person I do not want to see when I'm working.

You think the world owes you everything and that you can act however you want and do whatever you want. Then when told NO you throw a hissy fit.




Why do you think its ok for you to take your dog into the store for anyways? Leave your dog at home.

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Lied to me about buying a clarance item | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

I was lied to about, being able to pay for a stove on clarence and the delivery of the same. I was told you can not pay for a clarance item and pick it up later. When I went to get the item (1 day later) it was gone. I called customer service to find out that is not store policy at all. I spent over 2hrs on the phone with the very nice customer service rep., picking out another stove not even the quailty of the one I had seen , for 90.00 moor. It arrived scratched, I of course refused it. Never again Lowes.
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Maybe you should have checked the clearance section. Clarance has nothing to do with the clearance items.

#280941 Review #280941 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Delivery Service

Rude | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

Two trips to the paint department, trying to match an existing color. First day, only friendly helpful service! They were great. Unfortunately I got semi-gloss paint, and the color I was trying to match was flat.I went in with my samples the next day, and the employee's were not interested in helping me or advising me. The attitude was, I will mix the paint as long as you know what color you want. Anything beyond that forget it! Wow! What happened to the crew that was there the day before? I regret not going to Home Depot to begin with!
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#241287 Review #241287 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes sucks, don't buy extended warranties

do not buy the extended warranty, matter of fact don't buy from Lowes. They don't stand behind the product. My two year old oven died which cost $1000 dollars. Mother board dead. With extended warranty they lock you into a company that lies-makes appointments then cancels less than 48 prior. "They overbooked" give me a break-you wait one week to see your overbooked. Then send you the part right away-so now "oh we can't switch companies now that you have the part". I want to know how to reach corporate!!!! A&E service is a company that lies. Don't use them.
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FYI A&E is owned by Sear... might want to stay away from there too....

Oh wait everyone uses the same servicers.. good luck with no appliances... maybe if you made a few phone calls you would have got a new applaince cause Lowes does stand behind product...

but they dont work on them. DUH......

#210509 Review #210509 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Lowes Warranty

Seems to me | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

Everyone on this site seems to be a Yank. It just aggravtes me to have to go out in public and listen to the whinning and complaining. Use a little patients and don't expect everyone to know exactly what you do. We all learn something new everyday. So keep your jerkness at home. We know the dog wouldn't play with you up home and maybe you should go back and try again. It's all been messed up where you came from, that's why you're here, and now it's fastly becoming more and more intolerable here.
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u got to b management


How about before we criticize others, we learn basic spelling...or at least utilize our spell-check feature...? Sorry, just another pet peeve I have with others who take joy in putting other people down.


:cry Seems to me that you are the one whining now. In addition, *** "patients" in this context is spelled "patience".

There was a reason we won the war and you prove it everyday. :grin :roll

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#200787 Review #200787 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Shoddy installation, Failure to correct | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

Lowes installed new vinyl flooring in my kitchen and dining room, and new carpeting in two of my upstairs bed rooms and my hallway. The installer came three days late, claiming he had a funeral to go to. OK I can understand that, but he couldn't possibly have been their only installer. I had to take time of from work to be home for this installation. When he finally did show up, supposedly on the day his monther-in-law was buried. He rushed through the job, and got glue on the vinyl flooring in the both the kitchen and the dining room, and did not install the threshold between the two rooms. Nor was the metal triom installed at the doorways. The carpeting upstairs was cut crooked and the baseboards were not reinstalled, and the metal trims were not installed at the doorways. After many, many complaints, and finally going to the store and standing in the store and yelling at the top of my lungs, did I finally get someone out to inspect the job done by their "qualified" installer. The supervisor lamented about the terrible installation job done by the sub-contractor, assuring me he was NOT an employee of Lowes. As such they had no controll over their work, but Lowes stands behind their installation, so it would be fixed or replaced. It never was. That was in the year 2000. I have since sold that house and it is still not corrected. I would never use Lowes for installation for anything, not even a nail. I buy nothing there that costs more than $25.00 now. They got all the money they will ever get out of me. I now shop at HOME DEPOT! By the way this was the Lowes in Kingston, NY.
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big b

I am commenting on Connie's comment. There are internet prices and in store prices.

I am sure lowes doesnt care if you ever come back. They were trying to help you


I used to shop at Lowes until they ripped me off also. I bought some decorative rock to build a flower bed.

I looked this rock up on their website before I went there and I wish I had printed the ad. On the website it showed the rock being one price and after I went there and ordered over 50 of these rocks and they had them loaded in my truck I went to pay for them and I noticed the price was a little steep. I ask the cashier why this bill was so high and as we started going over it I noticed the price of the rocks and I went on to tell her what the price was online and she had me to step off to the side of her register while she called the manager and little did I know that while I was standing there getting pissed because it was taking so long they had contacted their corporate office and had them to change the price before I could call my husband and get him to print the ad for me. And just like you I am no longer a Lowes shopper.

I have been in that store one time in ten years and that was to get a gift card for a family member.

I am now a Home Depot shopper. And this Lowes was in Florence,Kentucky

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#179905 Review #179905 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Lowes of E. Albuquerque let me down.

This was a horrible experience. I ordered blinds for my whole house, was told 3 week process. Blinds were ordered wrong, replacement was supposedly placed on rush order. A week later found out the re-order never happened. Had to wait another 2 weeks. Then only one set of blinds came in, found out the other set was never ordered. A month and a half later and Im still waiting for my blinds. Ive spoken with associates, Sales Manager and Assistant Store Manager and only received one apology. Never offered temporary blinds. The most they could do for me was tell me I have to wait for the blinds to come in. They have been paid in full since the day I ordered them. The most horrible experience Ive had while making home improvements. I should have gone with Home Depot or someone else local. Done with Lowes.
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1 comment

So, quit crying about it and get a refund. Why dont you stop gripping and get on with your life?

Have you ever made a mistake, are you sure NONE of this was YOUR fault?

Did you order the wrong size and then blame them? Come on, take your receipt, go to the store, get your refund.

#157367 Review #157367 is a subjective opinion of poster.

The Truth about Lowes

I would like to start off by saying, I hope to not offend any one w/ this statement. I am an employee of Lowes. Just as you have your horror stories, we have ours. I love working with the public and truly love helping customers. But, I have been cussed, spat on, had things thrown at me. Even w/ this being said, I still love helping others. It takes a polite, responsible,patient, courteous, and mature person to work in retail. It is not for everyone. Please remember, when you go into your neighborhood Lowes, we want to help you. We may not be able to answer all of your questions, but we sure will try. Afterall, do you honestly think that all of us want to upset, offend, or sell the wrong product? No, we don't. We are only humans. At some point, mistakes happen. I undertand it costs you, the consumer, money, time and patience. And of course, there are always employees that do not care whether or not you get help, or even get the right thing. And, it only takes one rotten to spoil the whole bunch. Sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find the perfect one. We are out there, we are the ones who try to solve your problems. We are the ones who load vehicles for the elderly just because it is the right thing to do. We are the ones who think about an unhappy customer after we leave work. We are the ones who wonder what could we have done different to make the customer happy. We are the ones who try to help you even though we are in an area we know nothing about. We are the ones who call you if you drop or lose something. We are the ones who see you struggling w/ something and grab you a cart BEFORE you ask. We are the ones who truly do care. And yes, WE ARE OUT THERE! I will not say which store I work at, just that it is in the south. I am not in management, just a small little employee w/ a heart and a voice. If you learn anything from this message, I hope it is to be compassionate and understanding. Afterall, I still am after years in retail.
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retailer4life youre a liar...lowes service sucks and you know it. And who "made" you read these forums.



Uhm, honestly, I worked for Lowe's for 3 years, worst retail experience in my life so far. Managers were 10 years younger than me and I was 32 at the time.

Regional didn't care, corperate didn't care, they treated us like push button robots, worked 60 hr weeks and maybe a 2 day weekend off every 3 months.

You complain, you got written up and eventually axed. Worst place I have ever worked.


Hey Wally, stop dreaming about getting in Dr. Bailey's *** and give me some facts about customer service, pretty boy!!

Before you call me one!

You know you can't these arguments on this sight, It's like taking candy from a baby going head to head against sapa like you! You can only come back with a little smirky one-liner, that alone is a clear indicator of the intelligence difference going on here!


Hey retailer4life, you're a *** and a shining example of what customer service is not.


This, in a nutshell, sums up what we @ Lowe's truly are. We are there to help, NOT be ridiculed, made to read all the tripe the complainers have to write about in these forums, I have called out several of the "complainers" personally on this site, and of course when I've challenged them with the facts, they no longer communicate!!

Truth about Lowes nailed it, in my book. To you complainers, take it elsewhere!

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Consumers have to be involved to nasty words in this web site | Lowes review from Reston, Virginia

We know your not into a christian store,because you post PISSED consumers and We like to know you talk to your children this way the complaint again is the store in Kokomo. The counter (5) colleges all the GIRLS and gang up when the customer wants to check out. The girl at the door bothers bothe registers and they constantle refuse to take care of the custonmers first. The customers are a second class citizens in your stores and have no regard to seniors and all my complaints are when we check out we have girls talking to eachother and helping the customer and give advise where they can get a cupon. what is with the potty mouth in your web sights. you should find another wOMAN to write you material is it gross. By the way you still punish the comsumers because we do not use the card.We use the debit card and we get no thanks ot the 5% as you give to using your card. Lowes has our business now they have customer friendly web sight with no nasty words. Get another girl to write your material or myabe it is a china girls who has no morals for the USA We are forced to click on the box PISSED you see what i am saying your not a christian organization and your people have to humor you to work their knowing they have to be apart of your inmoral advertising
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I love Big ***


What's our problem with chinese women? I think they are cute and great cooks!!


You are clearly a ***!


WHO is off their MEDS


Wow, old people from red states and the internet, that combo never gets old. Upset about the word "pissed", but its ok to insult someone by insinuating the are Chineese? I'm not sure who's more confused, the poster while typing or me while reading.


shut up get of the site! :cry


Huh? :eek

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