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Cerdit card account in good standing, and they close it WITHOUT my knowledge. When I called to find out they said it was because of a review of my credit history. No matter that my account was in good standing and I had ZERO issues on my account. They have now only...
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I worked for Lowes for 7 years and know that at times the credit card company would close accounts that hadn't been used for some time. They said it was to help dormant accounts from being used without the owner's knowledge. I don't know if that is true, but perhaps it might be?

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You would have probably had the same problem anywhere you went. Cooktops aren't the fastest selling appliance and are usually ordered from the manufacturer.

If they are in stock in the manufacturers warehouse you will have delivery within two weeks. The manufacturers are extremely poor about letting stores know if they are out of stock, The store knows when the truck shows up and the appliance is backordered. If it is backordered they have to wait for more to be manufactured. If you are looking at one of the big Korean manufacturers you have to add another 3-4 weeks for it to get to the US on a boat and another week to get from their docks to the warehouse.

Until it finally arrives on the truck the store has little way of knowing exactly when it will arrive.

It's just as frustrating for the salespeople having to listen to customers complain as it is for the customers. If you need an appliance in a timely manner only purchase items that are in stock at the store.

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Order processing issue

Lowes in Roanoke, Virginia - Customer service

Had to run around store looking for help, mentioned to sales associate that some items were not priced, his response was, we don't have time for that!
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Lowes in Roanoke, Virginia - ChoiceDek Project Taking over 6 Months to Complete

Update by user Jan 28, 2013

Correction: The contract was signed at the end of June 2012 and not July 2012.

Original review posted by user Dec 28, 2012

At the end of July 2012, I signed a contract with Lowe's to build a 16'x16' deck onto my house to replace an existing deck which was falling apart. In the contract it stated work was to begin in approximately three to four weeks. It actually began the day after Labor Day about eight weeks after I signed the contract. With a combination of wrong and/or damage parts, my deck is still not full complete as of 12/28/12. I was told the replacement parts for the replacement parts (which were damaged) would be here on Jan. 3rd. I will never do business with Lowe's again after this. I'm paying off my account with them and closing it. In all my years of hiring contractors, I have never been *** around by anyone as I have been by Lowe's in Bonsack, Virginia. Avoid them at all costs.
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Lowes in Roanoke, Virginia - Incompetence abound

I recently went into a Lowe's here in town. It took me 20 minutes to find someone in the lawn and garden section to get a simple spark plug. In addition to that, when I finally got it, I went to check out, the store had 3 lines open, with 15 people waiting at 1. The other two had people talking and arguing about what they were and were not going to do to get things ordered. The second line had a 'manager' trying to work the computer system to even find the item that the customers were trying to buy. After 1 HOUR and 2 line changes I finally just pushed the basket away and left. These stores have no people, no competence, and no caring about their customers whatsoever.
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OK, I got a look at the Lowe's antiquated computer system which employees struggle with since it Linux-based and Lowe's has ancient computers which leads me think that they don't spend money on technology. That isn't incompetence on the employee's part.

I may be assuming too much in asking if you are an analytical, competent shopper? When I go to the store, I go when traffic is low. If you went on a bright sunshiney Saturday, it was probably packed and you aren't royalty, so get in line. As for the computers, you need to complain to the higher-ups, because the employees can not help that they are given a Yugo and then told to break the speed record for you in it.

If you were considering these factors and solutions to them, you might have a better shopping experience in the future. Think outside of yourself.

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Lowes in Roanoke, Virginia - Lowe's laminate countertop order wrong in every way

We ordered laminate countertops from Lowe's Home Improvement of Christiansburg and when the came in everything was wrong. Several measurements were off. Some of the backsplashes were not at a 180 degree angle, one backsplash was missing, and some were warped. One the second order of the one without the backsplash, it came in again WITHOUT a backsplash. My husband agreed to accept 5 of the 6 pieces with a discount, but wishes he hadn't since they don't fit together at the seam evenly. After my husband drove out to pick up the reorder and found it wrong, he asked that Lowe's deliver it free, and they accepted. However, we wish that we had never done business with the incompetant people providing these countertops. Apparently Lowe's puts in the order, one company makes the countertops, and one cuts them. This obviously makes many errors along the way from all parties.
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As a long time lowes customer,I am pissed off at the way Lowes has cut my credit limit from 2500 to 990 an then last week cut to 490.I have never been late or missed a payment in 16 years Ive had my card.SO WHAT UP LOWES YOU DONT NEED MY MONEY.I always paid above my...
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I have had my Lowes card for 25 years. The due date on our bill is the 10th and that is when I pay it.

When I went online to pay last month the due date had been changed to the 7th and they had charged me a late fee. I received a letter in the mail saying I was in default and they were raising my interest rate. The rate was outrageous as it was! I called and canceled the card.

Now they are reporting that as bad credit to the credit bureau. ALSO, I paid my bill online a day early this month and I just went and saw that they had charged me a late charge and had not applied the payment.

I have the confirmation e-mail, but it is ridiculous that I have to fight for Lowes to be fair after 25 years! Thanks're building something alright..a bad taste in people's mouths.

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