Erie, Pennsylvania

Wanted to make numerous purchases at Lowe's Erie Pa. upper Peach Street at 7/16/10. 11am totaling around three thousand dollars,bathroom vanity, granite top, faucet, flooring, toilet, and odds and ends, requested assistance from several staff only to be told "that's not my area" pressed the help button four times over a 20 min span, it kept on flashing, but no help arrived.Staff seemed to be too busy socializing with each other, service desk seemed not to care.

My wife and I went to Home Depot where we received fast and knowledgeable assistance and made our purchase.

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Helpful Hint:

Actually, the button canceling you hear at the end of the day is NOT to lower the average time. While it is true that each department in the store gets graded on average time to answer buttons (company goal is 60 seconds; my store's goal is 45 seconds), the number of button hits is also tallied up.

The more button hits you have in your department, the more it looks like you're nowhere to be found. So, if employees were hitting their own buttons, they may lower their average time by a second or two, but they would be raising their button hits as well.

This is not something they would do. The buttons are actually tested every night in order to make sure they are all operable, as batteries do wear out and sometimes the programming can be lost.


Actually, Helpful Hint, the button canceling at the end of the day is NOT to lower the average time. True, that the store gets graded on time (company goal is 60 seconds -- my store's goal is 45 seconds), but the store/department ALSO gets graded on the amount button hits.

The more hits, the more it looks like you're not in your department ready to help.

The end of day button pressing is merely to test each button to make sure they all work. Batteries wear out, ya know.

Les from Lowe's


I also had the experience of getting no help, so went to Home Depot and bought my washer and dryer. Also we are now waiting for Lowes to deliver a micro, oven, and dishwhr.

(I should have given HD a chan ce to match theri price) Already 2 weeks past promised date and still getting no specific date. Buy from Home Depot - their delivery was top notch.


hey just want lowes take my name off the return i can return items.I have shopping lowes for 15 year love the store on battleground greenboro,N.C.the told me to get touch with lowes. need your help,thank you


If you want service at Lowes, keep pushing the customer service button. It is on a timer and the employees have so many seconds to answer them.

The total time is tallied and averaged at the end of the day. If they go over the alloted time, they get reamed out. If you are in the store at closing time, you will hear the "help needed..." calls everywhere.

They push the buttons and immediately cancel the call, thus cutting down average response time. Lowes employees think of these buttons as the "button of death".

This will help next time you visit Lowes.

Fat Mart cart rider

Peoplenlikr you can never be helped. You ask for help yet when the person helping you gives you an answer suddenly you know more than the associate.

Or you get mad cause you see ALL those associates that won't help you. Maybe hey have NO clue how to work plumbing. MAYBE the plumbing associate went to lunch.

Would you rather have help from someone with experience or just some lowly cashier that has NO fing clue. Grow a brain and think about *** before posting.


you got helped fast at depot cause there tring to keep from going bankrupt


I have the same experience at Harrisonburg, Va store . 300? emplotees and only 3 working...