Somerville, Massachusetts
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we look for assistance more than shopping we are told some one will be with you just wait and wait and wait it does not matter what we want the store never has it or it is discontinued check another lowes not in stock why is it displayed the help are slugs because they do not want to help i will never return to this *** hole called a store tis has happened on more than one occasion i would say about nine times in a month in as many departments with different products i cnnot believe the way you are treated

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i think you forgot to talk about the situation you titled your complaint with...its your *** fault for actually waiting 2 hours!!!

i dont understand why you would keep going back if what youre complaining about has happened 9 times in one month...your whole complaint needs to be disregarded because you are so dumb as to keep going back!!!

Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia #23832

All I can say is most of the employees at Lowes on wilmington in Kettering"Centerville" Are not NEAR as accomidating or courteous as the commercials portray them.The trolls that wander thru the store act like you have no business bothering them with questions or assistance, And I have yet to ask them to match a paint color where they havent said"Well I`ll try, but I don`t know if I can.It aint like the commercials, TRUST me.Whenever I see those commercials with people bringing in things for them to match up,And they say "No problem!! I have to shake my head and groan.But mostly theres this one heavy set guy with a real attitude that I`m surprised that they haven`t gotten rid of yet. He`s consistantly rude and worthless.If he`s around I just try harder to find it myself.

Mentone, California, United States #19013


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