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My son and I spent from 5:20-8:00 in Lowes Russell, Ky. store waiting on a special order door which had never arrived.

The ladies at the service desk should have saw when they found the order number up the door had never been shipped despite Lowes having left me a voicemail saying my door was ready for pickup.twice two cashiers at the service desk looked my order up and printed info to give another clerk to find my door. Both cashiers failed to notice the door hadnt been shipped from the factory as a result of their oversight we spent nearly two hours in the store wasting our time and the employees time who were looking as well. An hour later I Went to a cashier at the self check out ask to speak to a manager. She paged a manager none ever showed that was about another 15-20 minutes waiting the cashier after no response from a manager or assistant manager.

The cashier walks to what Im assuming is office knocks on door no one apparently is in the office.The cashier pages a manager on the intercom a second time asking for a manager. No one ever showed if the manager or assistant manager was at lunch I feel after hour and forty minutes the manager should have ample time to back from lunch. But again Im sure Lowes doesnt give 2 hour lunch breaks. Which makes me wonder where a manager or assistant manager was?

When I worked retail there always was a manager or assistant manager in the store to run interference in case a situation would arise that employees werent able to handle. Which certainly held true in my case. My son had worked a 12 hour day he leaves for work at 4:30 in the morning. After work Tuesday evening he drove hour to my local Lowes store to specifically pick up the door I ordered.

I had plans for my door to be installed this week also. My son was already tired from long hours made hour drive to help me and spent nearly 2 hours in Lowes Russell,Ky. store while no one could find anything because the door wasnt there because there was an error from the voicemail I received on June 18. If someone at the Russell store would have noticed the door hadnt shipped yet we wouldnt had the issue.

But again it happened and it still begs to ask where was the manager and assistant manager where was someone who was in charge who could answered or had more training to see the door hadnt arrived? We left the store clueless the employees involved in looking didnt say we will try to find out whats wrong give you a call tomorrow. They said they couldnt find it they didnt know what to tell us. We didnt know.

Im not happy with Russell Lowes and yes the mistake came from the voicemail left saying my order was ready for pickup but as a result of the mistake its discovered the Russell Ky. Lowes has issues corporate needs to address.

Location: 350 Diedrich Blvd, Russell, KY 41101

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