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Does Lowe's care?

Store manager and department manager hide in the back while employees are left to shrug their shoulders and say wow that's really bad service but we can't think of offering a solution.

So seven weeks (October 19th 2014)ago my wife paid in full for a new LG washer and gas dryer. She was promised a shipment was on its way and to expect delivery is 10 days.

We have dropped by the store and called a few times.... "it's on its way" we are told..ok well it's been seven weeks now and no apology no new information no discount!

Wow this can't be right lowe's is supposed to be a trustworthy company. Or is it?

News flash.. Today we are told ..your order may or may not be at the Brantford Ontario store Jan 28th 2015... (15 weeks total ..maybe)

take it or leave but don't complain because not even the store manager will make the time needed to say "sorry for the massive inconvenience"

Question: Is Lowe's paying for all our dry cleaning or giving us free appliances?

I'll happily pay extra for an apology if anyone is listening.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Lowes Cons: Attitude or customer service, Lack of response, Manager hides in back office.

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It is not Lowes or the employees fault. Yes they should have kept you up to date on everything, but it is not the stores fault for not getting things shipped from the warehouse, or vendors when they are supposed to.


I don't work for Lowes but know a bit about LG appliances. Lowes sold you the appliances expecting normal delivery from LG's warehouse.

My guess is that LG didn't have what you ordered in their warehouse. Unfortunately LG isn't very good at communicating that they don't have the product to deliver. I will also guess you ordered something other than white. When their warehouse is out they have to order it.

It is then scheduled for production which can take a month or two. Keep in mind they are made in Korea. Then 3 weeks on a boat before they hit the warehouse in Texas.

Then another week to 10 days to the store. Unfortunately all Lowes can tell you is what little they get from LG.


I think you missed the point, " hay we need to swap brands or refund you " just don't leave us hanging on for something that isn't going to happen.


At no point in the posting was anything said about requesting a change in product or refund, just looking for status on your order. You're getting the information as Lowes gets it. Not much more they can do.


You right, if its the managers job to provide information and suggest solutions to potential problems.

A change or refund would have gone a long way to avoiding the whole issue.

But it was never suggested.

If a company promised 10 days and then can't deliver, the customer will be understanding if they are informed. But left in the dark for months and treated like a problem to be avoided by management is a non starter.