I took a half day from my job after scheduling a appliance delivery at 8:00 A M and now it is 2:11 PM. Waiting all day and had to take a whole day cost me time and money.

Why schedule if they just go by their own schedule and not ours? I have now to take a vacation day. What does a poor man/women do when they live from pay check to pay check and a day is taken out? Wow?

Never will I buy from Lowe's again.

"Let's not build together" as stated in their ads. If this was my job - I would be fired.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Paradis, Louisiana, United States #798183

Keep in mind. Your getting a free delivery and a free hook up.

And, they have delivery stops that can take a while due to having to tear down fridges to get them inside, then put them back together. Yes, allot of people want a time, but giving times are the worst thing to do because you never know what kind of problems they are going to run into at another customers house. You know the day your getting the delivery and hook up and it's free. Then be grateful for that.

These drivers have a job to do too.....


They didn't get a FREE delivery to you on your time??? Those jerks!!!

Get a life and get a truck, quit complaining about a FREE service!! You should be ashamed!


Doesn't matter where you shop, deliveries are a problem. Never expect a delivery to show up at an exact time. If you can't be flexible, rent a truck and take the product home yourself.

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