Melbourne, Florida

I applied for a credit card at Lowes in MELLBOURNE florida AT THERE STORE ON 192,,on jan 6 -2009,but was refuse because of my canadian social insurance number,they said they couldnt get it in the computor . I dont understand since I had no problem getting one from Home Depot ,6 months ago here in melbourne florida .what is the problem with there COMPUTOR SYSTOM ,that they cant process my application.they are loosing a good customer ??????????????

Hope you can find the answer for me .THANK YOU, HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME WITH THIS. Sincerely , FROM FLORIDA Anna Lee

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I work at Customer service in Lowes. We have canadians that want to apply all the time.

Home depot and Lowes DO NOT use the same "bank" for money lending. Each company has their own way of doing things. Canadians want US credit cards so they can avoid the higher taxes back home. Nice try though.

When you go back home, they add it back into your statement. You cant have it all.


how are you


I'm not sure if they want my business. I applied for a Lowes credit card and was denied because they "couldn't verify my identify".

Upon further investigation, I was told it was due to my "phone number". I have an excellent credit score, 740.

Who would have thought that my shopping at Lowe's was contigent upon my phone number? I went to Home Depot.

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