Brookline Station, Missouri
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I received a John Deere 110 for a Christmas present on, 23Dec2014. When I got it home, It was immediately locked up in my storage shed. It stayed there until spring.

On the 2nd day of spring I drove it out of my shed to mow my yard. To my surprise when I engaged the mower there was a enormous vibration that shook the whole tractor, it was not safe to mow. I immediately called lowes and after waiting over 30 minutes, I was told they would pick it up, fix it, and return it in a couple of weeks and it would cost me $180.00 to pick it up and $180.00 to return it. I ask if I could return it and of course they said it past 30 day.

The tractor was brand new, never been used, the only time it was running was the 2 minutes when I was putting it in my shed.

I strongly suggest if you want to purchase a John Deere, buy it from a John Deere dealer. I checked with a dealer, they have the same tractor for the same price.

I have found that after lowes receives your money they will forget about you. I have spent thousands of dollar with lowes, they have lost a very customer.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

Lowes Cons: Customer service received, Customer service.

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Welcome to a growing club! Just don't go all soft and forget...boycott 'em forever!!


John Deere, not Lowes provides the warranty coverage for your lawn tractor. If you take time to read the warranty it provides for the repair of defects.

It unfortunately does not cover transportation to a repair shop which it appears what the charges are for. I bought mine at a dealer and am aware that I have a choice of transporting it to them for service or paying them to pick it up and return it. They have to pay someone to drive a vehicle which they have to pay for and maintain. Someone has to cover those costs.

If you were to put the tractor on a trailer and take it to the shop you wouldn't be charged for transportation.

It's also a good idea to make sure a product operates properly when you get it home, even if it is out of season. If a store has a 30 day return policy you can't blame them that you didn't check the product out within that period.


They should not have sold me a defected tractor, It should have been checked before it was sold. They want me to pay for their mistake.

How would you feel AFTER SPENDING HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS buying a brand new tractor and when you get it home it is not safe to mow? I would have to rent a pickup and traileer or pay them $180.00

@Lowes ***ks

Why are you blaming Lowes and not John Deere? Shouldn't they have checked it before shipping it to Lowes. I expect if you had reported the problem right away rather than waiting 3 months you might have had a different response.

@Lowes ***ks

All John Deere tractors sold by Lowes are assembled and tested by a local John Deere affiliate, typically from a local John Deere dealer.

@Lowes ***ks

You should of bought a Craftsman they come to your home for Free no service charge to fix it. Look at the manufacturer label on your tractor either mtd or husquavarna makes 90% of tractors bought at any big box including Sears they just throw a different color and different option and stickers on it. Sears sucks but they at least have local repair that will fix manufacturer defects for free like you said brand new tractor.


when you're spending in any store the knowledge and courtesy of the sales person is paramount to perfect customer service-even at the risk of the customer paying more! Its not always a money issue, ya know.

car dealers play people all the time, because the extras pander to their cronies in the attempt to initially make the patron feel secure, even covered...little do they know that its a ploy to "cover" the fine print!

Notice your "minty-new" car ain't worth *** a split second after you shift it into gear...your "warranties" are loaded with *** also! Truth in advertising should get and keep you attached to any retailer!!!