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Do not buy a SAGA PALM PLANT, they are extremley poisining to dogs, cats, and small children. My puppy, who like to chew on things ate some of this plant and is in the hosiptal and may die from eating this.

Lowes needs to put wanrings on plants when they are harmful. Why shouldnt they? All chemicals have warnings on them when they are harmful.

No one should have to go threw this. We bought the puppy for my daughter for easter and now my daughter might not have a puppy because lowes failed to have warnings on there products.

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I am sorry about your dog, but there are many things that are dangerous for him or her to eat. Grapes and onions and chocolate can also be toxic to dogs.

Do you want the grocery store to put a warning label on those, too? Use some sense. If you have a puppy, it will eat EVERYTHING! There are great websites out there you can use to research whether or not a plant is poisonous for a cat or dog.

If you're not sure, it's best to assume that it is!!! I do hope your puppy is ok!


That is your responsibility, not a store that sells a PLANT. Come on!!!!!!!!!


Nearly 40 years ago, when I mentioned to a veterinarian that a Crown of Thorns plant may be poisonous to my brother's cat, he seemed shocked and replied : "Well they're all poisonous, aren't they !?"


A responsible pet owner should know which plants can be potentially harmful to one's pet. It is called doing one's research. Altho' I have my own complaints about Lowes, one cannot hold the store responsible for no warning labels on plants.


This just show how consumers have an attitude of it your fault not mine. Love the comment on the car


Okay first off.... How is the consumer supposed to know what plants are harmful to children and pets....there has to be a warning on chemicals...

so why not plants...

and the puppy didnt eat the whoel thing just one little piece of a leaf. And the plant wasnt in the house it was planted outside.


Maybe SHE should have eaten the palm, and then we would have been spared her pathetic attempt to blame Lowe's!


Yes, this post is quite *** along with the poster. Mr. "Andy Capp" is right.....there are millions of things out there that are poisonous and deadly out there that don't have warning labels and ought not. This person should have done their homework before buying a puppy....there are tons of lists out there that list poisonous things, take the time to look.

Next thing....WHO BUYS A PLANT WHEN THERE IS A PUPPY IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ---- Anyone knows that puppies LOVE to chew on stuff...why the h**l would you buy a houseplant that is floor level for the puppy to chew on. Puppies usually chew on weird stuff because they are bored anyway. On your next dog, try buying more toys or playing with it more to tire it out, instead of walking away while he/she roams the house looking for trouble to get into.

If this post was a warning to consumers on how the Sago (yes, Sago...NOT "Saga") plant is deadly to dogs then fine.....great post! But unfortunately the *** ruined it by stating that Lowes should put warning labels on their houseplants. No offense, but that is the dumbest idea I've heard of this month. Thanks, this post just made my day!


Maybe you could keep the puppy from eating the plant! Oh wait....that would mean that YOU would be at fault.

Of course it MUST be someone else that is at fault. Are you the same person that sued McDonald's because their coffee was hot?


First of all, it's Sago Palm, not Saga, and you're an ***.

Do you ask for your grocery store to put a warning on coffee, that it may raise your blood pressure?

Or how about a warning label on your car, that it may run over something?

How about vodka, that it might make you drunk?