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I purchased a troy-bilt riding lawn mower last July (2012) for about $1200. Since then, I've put less than 20 hours of use on this machine; from the time it was purchased until winter (JAN 2013).

We changed the oil prior to storing the mower for the winter months. After about three months of non-use other than bi-weekly starts to keep the fluids circulated we used the mower for about three hours over the last two months. Five days ago while mowing the grass, the mower suddenly stopped. After re-starting and releasing the brake the mower stopped again.

I researched the problem and determined that the issue was related to a faulty or disconnected "safety" switch. Upon calling the Lowes service line (1-888-77LOWES) I was informed that my so called warranty did cover this issue and I would have to pay Lowes a pickup and delivery fee and have to wait 7-10 work days after Lowes shipped off the mower for repairs, for a part that shouldn't have malfunctioned in the first place. After paying over a thousand dollars shouldn't I have a reasonable expectation of quality? Considering the hours that I've put on the mower, am I not still in the break in period?

Ironically, the last thing I would expect to happen is the mower BREAK during this time. Not very funny! And to add insult to injury Lowes expects me to pay to have the mower picked up and dropped off and to wait at least two more weeks if I want cut my grass. Isn't that why I gave Lowes well over a THOUSAND dollars in the first place?

My family has been loyal customers of LOWES for well over twenty years but not after this. Our money will be better spent patronizing businesses that sell quality parts and services and stand behind the equipment they sell. Unfortunately, LOWES doesn't believe in this philosophy.

I will have a local dealer pick up, service/repair, and drop off this defective mower and pay fifty dollars for this to be done in 48 hours. But, I will never spend another penny at Lowes!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Why aren't you complaining about Troy Built. They made it and being less than a year old it would be Troy Built's warranty that would repair it. Your complaint should be with them, not Lowes.


A couple of things:

1. You do not have to start the machine up periodically when in storage. Just clean it up with a good cleaner and wax it plus put vinyl protectant on the vinyl parts. Then change the oil, clean the filter, etc. and finally, add some stabil to keep the gas fresh, top the gas off, run it for ten minutes and then let it sit till you need it again. It will start right up and no harm will come to the engine.

2. As for your starting problem. If it is, indeed shutting down because of a safety switch when you try to move it, you can either replace the faulty switch yourself or do some research and bypass the safety switch. These things are usually engaged by the closing/opening of an electrical circuit. You bypass and keep the circuit open all the time and you no longer have to worry about that happening again. Or, ask the repairman how to do it, or if he does not know you well, ask him a hypothetical question on bypassing these things.

3. Lowe's is what it is. They are a big company and not the same as the local, small repairman. It's always best to avoid the big box repairs anyway as you never know how well the repair will be done.

4. Troybilt is NOT synonymous with WELLbuilt. Not anymore. Reliability is apparently going down for this brand. They have always been expensive but worth it. No longer. In an effort to compete they have cheapened their components and while now competetive price-wise are just not worth the problems they have.

5. I now only recommend John Deere. But, only if you buy from a local John Deere dealer---never from Lowe's, etc.