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I purchased a push mower last year from Lowe's. Along with mower I also purchased a 3 yr.

extended warranty. Someone I hired to mow my lawn wrecked and bent the mower blade. Engine is running like a trashing machine. He did not tell me what he had done.

I discovered the mower damage this weekend( 06/17/17) when neighbor offered to mow my lawn. I took the mower in to Lowe's today 06/19/17 where I purchased it and was told I have no coverage for human caused damage. What????? What is warranty for then?

I have a new mower I can't get fixed because it was quoted it will cost $120.00 to fix it. Will never buy from Lowe's again or ever purchase large items and extended warranties from them.

I called the 1-888-77LOWES service number was told to take it to store. As a results I never felt so frustrated in a store as I do with Lowe's.

Product or Service Mentioned: Troy Bilt Lawn Mower.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Granbury, Texas, United States #1342218

Warranties and service plans cover DEFECTS, not DAMAGE. Take some time to read the warranty and you will understand why they didn't cover the repair.

If you buy a new car and on the way home drive it into a tree, would you expect the manufacturer to repair the car under warranty?

Same thing here, the someone you hired hit something hard enough to damage the mover. I suggest you look to the person you hired to pay for the repair.

Seattle, Washington, United States #1341959

Uh, a human caused the damage to your mower. Something was hit that was solid enough to bend your blade?

How in the world is that a manufacturing defect? That is all your extended warranty covers. That is all ANY warranty covers.

So he hit something that bent the blade and also bent the connecting rod or spun a bearing. Not the manufacturers OR Menard's fault.

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