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I recently purchased a pressurized toilet costing 528.65 bucks installed.

I was told this was one of the best. After about 6 months, the toilet base cracked and fractured completely around its base making it completely unusable.

I took the supposedly one year warranty with pictures of the broken toilet base to Lowes where I purchased this toilet. The service Rep??? said they would have the plumbing contractor call me for a scheduled time for examination of the toilet to determine what was the cause. (To many Hippos on the toilet??etc.) It was finally determined by the experts? that the toilet was defective. This toilet replacement was to be installed the following Monday between 8a and 12p. I was not back at home till around 9:30 A that day. A message on my answering machine was left for me for re-schedule in two days.

I called back and said that was not acceptable, and they said that the plumbing contractor was booked up and could not reinstall the toilet for two more days.

I asked the contractor(plumbing service) how much time they spent at my door waiting?? Obviously, they went right on to their next job without a "sorry we missed you and will come back later to install". They were not located across town and only 10 min away from my address and had the replacement toilet on their truck!!

The main problem with service nowadays is the fact you have to deal with to many specialists?? and you have your phone strapped to you like a papoos! Today we are just a number with large these impersonal corporate stores. Personally, I'm willing to go back to the few mom and pop stores that offer consideration and personal service even if the cost is a little higher.(Surprise, the cost is even less!)


Eugene F. White,

Born when a time of personal service was important to business owners (Not Wharehouse Corporations!)

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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You are a true ***.


So you are mad that they did not wait there for you to get home? Good thing they didn't or they would have waited there all day.

Their service for you seems perfect to me. They tried to fix your problem, but you weren't there when they made the appointment with you.

Oh and by the the mom and pop stores offer a 1 year warranty on their installations...last time I checked they did not. I've had things installed by mom and pop stores in the past and when something went wrong...I was given the "Oh well" response. It seems to me like Lowe's was more than happy to make you happy, but once you showed that you were unable to work with them, and wasted their time and money even more...they wouldn't help you right away.


So you expected someone to wait at your door for an hour when you were given a time frame?

Eh, even most mom and pops will only wait a few minutes before they leave.

What ever happened to the time an age when people kept appointments...