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GE Dryer front load 13 months old heater went out Monday Aug 2nd called for repair wrong number given in extended contract. Got correct number repair will be done Augs 4th 12/5pm good to go so far.

Repair man gets here says he has to order the part will be back in about 7 days to install it. I call his number he gave me Aug 9th no answer so called the 1-888 warranty number they said I should have one part at my door step today NOT true the second part is back ordered do not know when they will get one call back next week. First off we where told of only one part being ordered second off no offer to just replace the dryer or pay for dry cleaners bills for this long wait. I call back Augs 16th part is on back order still no offer in replacement of dryer so I asked they said they could do this over a certain amount of time maybe .... 13 days / 6 people with clothes to wash / and nothing STILL not offered not ever a quarter for laundry mat. Also during this time of waiting I did try calling the repair mans number and left at least 10 messages with phone number they never answered or even called back in the 13 days waiting.

THEN.... Aug 17th I get a call from the service center that my part is shipped it will be at my door step on the 18th and they gave me the repair guys number I have been calling before with no answers and was told to call him to set up a time for him to come fix the dryer. I asked if she could do this being they do not answer the phone when I call she said they are not allowed to set appts, Ok ? So I call this number again no answer , no return call asked for repair to be done on Thursday or Friday nothing happen and guess what no part here either. So just now I called Lowes warranty service said no part here yet and repair people never called me back. They just now told me this part was shipped today I will have it on monday and the warranty center has set a repair appt. on Weds Augs 25th , No one has called me about this ? I will not be here on this date you better change this ASAP and if the part is not here by Aug 24th LOWES will have a GE dryer shoved up somewhere the sun does not shine.

I will NEVER buy anything from LOWES and I will make sure the military base here puts LOWES on the black list for the whole base which means no one will shop there if it's black listed .... SHAME on Lowes for having such poor service like this and run around.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $698.

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I had the same problem w/ Lowe's and my oven. Was w/out main oven for 3 weeks waiting for part sent wrong part first time around.

Fortunately our oven has a bottom drawer that can be used for baking.

I was also double charged for warranty service. Apparently Electrolux has nothing to do w/ extended warranty bought at time of purchase, so after 1 yr when factory warranty expires they send info on extending warranty.

I did not catch this until I called for repair and I was reimbursed $13 for a @180+ contract--what a rip off! :(


I couldnt agree more. Repairman was RUDE!

Washer is now broken again. Thank God for mechanic Hubby that can fix anything!

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