New Hampton, New Hampshire

Spent over 8000.00 on kitchen cabinets and opened a Lowes Card for additional discount. Next time I was in the store for the countertop, the check out staff at the store encouraged me since I am an elderly veteran to show my military id and get an additional 10% off.

I went home search through my things and found a copy of my pink photo id (new one is coming from VA). Back at the store the cashier checked with store manager who refused to honor the discount. I was humiliated and embarrassed.

(Have used this copy in 4 other Lowes in the area with no problem.) So for the 100.00 discount I could of received, they lost out to Sears for the $5000.00

we are spending on appliances. Lowes needs to look at the big picture and get a handle on this.

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First of all, they cannot discount anything that includes labor...labor is included on countertops. If you were to receive 10% off, it would most likely take the retail under cost and Lowes looses money.

Why would they want to loose money?? The countertop people would come back to Lowes for the extra money that Lowes would have to pull from their pocket. No 10% anything works on countertops unless Lowes is willing to loose money.

Are you willing to rape Lowes?? From a former employee


LOOSE MEANS NOT TIGHT... Lose would be the correct word.

As far as this old timer goes, GET OVER IT. It's amazing the stuff people make a big deal about.


Hmmmmm Heartless...are you an English teacher or just another loser that works for a big box retailer???? I'm going to say the retailer, have fun with that job.


Hey Heartless You should get over it This oldtimer Is and will be a Marine so if it was not for the old timers you would be speaking with that slant eye ***. My complaint is that I was in Korea and came out alive we were all in it together where did u serve You are the problem this country would be better off with you go to France they will take anyone I am PISSED Off But *** he is right China is making to much profit on the USA


What reason did they give for not honoring the card? Was it expired? Why did you need a new one?