Pearland, Texas

I was shopping today at Lowes Home Improvement and has a good many items in my cart. When I was being checked out,a welcome mat did not have a bar code on it.

The person checking me our called that department several times, but no one answered. She left and another person took over. She too tried getting someone from that dept. several times.

At that point a man walked by who I assume was some sort of supervisor. The woman who was checking me out told him the problem she was having and he told her to page a certain person and gave his name to her. She paged him but got no response.

After she had paged him a few times, I finally realized I was not going to get a price . When I told her I was not going to continue to wait and to remove the mat from my cart, I could see she was relieved .This was a woman who was bored, uninterested in her job, and did not pretend to care whether I bought the mat .I will go to Home Depot the next time I need to purchase anything from this type of business, although they are probably as lax as Lowes.

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I cannot believe the rude comments here. I agree with the poster.

I do agree that cashiers can't leave their register, but surely there must be a way to get a price.

If someone wants to buy something, the store should be able to get the price for them in a reasonable amount of time. Then stores wonder why their sales numbers are declining.


go back and grab another rug yourself and save everyone behind you the time.

welcome to real adult life where you have to take care of your own ignorant needs.

no one cares about your door mat.


So you want people to pretend their interested in what your doing because you after all are a very interesting and special person! Get real.....

If you want people to be fake with you to feel better about yourself you clearly have a limited scope on what reality is. Be interesting and people will be interested in you. You'd be relieved too if you were put in the same situation as the cashier.

You really have zero clue how obnoxious and clueless people like you are and how awful you treat people. It's a freaking door mat, you will LIVE.


The cashiers can't leave their registers. The employee in flooring may have been off the floor for a few minutes to use the restroom.

In the future you can eliminate this problem by simply checking to see that products you put in your cart have a bar code.

If they don't, grab another one or ask someone to put one on BEFORE you get to the cash registers. It will always take more time for a cashier to get the information than it will for someone on the sales floor.


You took an item without a barcode why should she care and feel bad for you.


You people have a nasty attitude. Why should the customer have the problem?

It's the store's incompetence that matters.

What kind of citizens is this country turning out.

I feel sorry for you. I will not shop at Loews from now on since they don't give a tinkers ***.Sorry you had this problem.