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My wife and I came into our Loews to purchase a washer and dryer, seems simple, BUT!

We were told sorry, but the Washer and Dryer you need is not available in the McDonough, GA store. We were given two other stores Newnan and Stockbridge to call for dryer and washer.

We return home and made the purchase with all the material hoses, stacking kit, haul-a-way and a delivery date of 23 Aug.

We get and text on 22 Aug that your washer is set for delivery 23 AUG, however nothing mentioned about dryer. I immediately call the store, "customer service tells me not only is there not a scheduled delivery for dryer, but there is nothing in the system concerning a delivery of any sorts. We call all the store customer service provides, to find out that dryer and washer are scheduled for deliver on 24 AUG (a day we were out of time). We reschedule the delivery for 26 AUG (1-6).

I get a call at 10:00am 26 AUG, washer is being delivered in 20 mins. I immediately leave my job. Driver arrives with a washer, no dryer and no stacking kit. Driver says we don't have a stacking kit order requiring staking and the driver with the dryer will install and complete order.

One problem no one can tell us where the dryer or a is currently located. Finally after calling several stores, a driver contacts me, stating I have your dryer and it will arrive in 30 mins. Drive arrives, drive does not have stacker kit or an order to stack. Drive makes several calls, eventually looks in washer and a pieces of the stacker kit is located in side the washer!!!

Unfortunately kit is not complete and due to the stacking order not being on their paper work nothing can be done. This driver also advises me that because I have not purchase a vent/duct hose from Lowe's he can not connect dryer either. I immediately call the store, customer service, 1800 dose any care.

I'm told someone from management will get in contact with us within 24 hour...…..Really!!!!! You all have cost me two day off from work, dropped a washer in the middle of my laundry room, the dryer in my garage and the only resolution,,,,, Someone From Management Will Be In Contact With You In 24 HRS!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Pros: Products.

Lowes Cons: Sence of urgency family days without w &d and counting.

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