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This is almost too much of a headache to write about so I will be as brief as I can. We purchased a Samsung front loading washer and dryer in November 2010 from the new Paso Robles Lowe's, about an hour from where we live. I am not using real names, but will if I need to verify any information. We got them on sale from a lady there, we will call her Jill, and thought we were getting a great deal since we researched them and price compared them before we finally made the decision to go with that pair at Lowe's.

It didn't take too long initially to get the pair as they were in stock and they had supposedly checked in the back to make sure they were there and in great shape. Either way when they delivered them the dryer had two gashes across the door, a dent on the side, and was missing the legs making it sit lower than the washer.

We called Lowe's and they ordered another dryer. We had to keep calling Lowe's to check on the dryer and explain the situation each and every time we called. After at Jill's instruction that it would be a month or more before they could expect anything in (it had already been 3 weeks at this point) and to try back then, we called back in a month. She said that it looks like everything was taken care of and we had already received the dryer. They forgot! Their customer service was horrible!

Not only did they forget that we never received our dryer we never received our original receipt that Jill said she mailed to us as we made the purchase over the phone. Without that receipt it makes it harder to receive the rebates, and warranty from Lowes. We went back and forth with Jill and the store manager which, we will call Jack. He said it was impossible to print out another original receipt or a receipt with the Lowe's logo even on it. After two trips to Lowe's we were able to get a similar receipt that PG&E and the Gas Company accepted, thank goodness, as we were coming up to the deadline for the rebates.

The dryer ended up taking over two months to receive because it was coming from Korea and it wasn't even the same color! Apparently because it was a different batch it was off color to what we had. So we turned that dryer away and after some calls to the store manager the guys delivering were allowed to switch out the door and put legs on the dryer we originally received. The store manager gave us 10% off the pair and was supposed to send us a gift card reflecting the amount, but we never even got that. When you can't even trust the Store Manager to follow through what does it say about the store? We will not be shopping with them anymore.

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I agree that lowes has terrible customer service and cannot deliver products that are on sale. BEWARE before buying from lowes

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