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My new washer that I just bought from Lowes Route One in Lewes Delaware, broke seven days ago. They sent someone out to take a look at it.

The service man said it would take another four days for the part to come in. On top of that it would take another three to four days for them to get back out to take care of it. I feel Lowes does not honor their contracts, they dont worry about the inconvieninces that you go through. As a consumer I would not purchase anything from a Lowes Hardwear store because you will get screwed.

I feel as a consumer if a company promises you something they should have to honor their words.

Thank you I hope you all take this seriously cause I would not like to see this happen to you. Joseph Kupchinski

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I doubt any of you read your terms and conditions. Many of you don't even know how insurance/warranties/contracts work, but you'll b***h and moan about the service that your not paying for.

Next time, don't buy the plan, wait just as long for service, and pay for it yourself. The plan basically is there to pay for the service. I used to work for Service Advantage, and guess what..90% of you have absolutely no idea what you were covered for, or what you were actually entitled too. Thats not our fault, thats your fault.

I've bought plans, and since I am an EDUCATED consumer, who takes the TIME to know what I'm buying, I've never had a problem getting things fixed through warranties or contracts.

And to those of you who think calling and screaming will get things accomplished...I have news for you. IT WONT!!!!! The plan is not there to make special exceptions.

And EVERYONE wants a special exception. The plan is not there to replace your machine because of YOUR situation. And if you would take the time to read the terms and conditions you'd know when you're eligible for replacement. I got so *** sick and tired of being disrespected every single day.

Especially when I have went OVER above and beyond for many of you to make sure your "problems" were taken care of. I have received numerous commendations from people and you know why..........They let me help them. That's the problem. You don't let us help you.

And what's with raising *** when the rep you talk to doesn't give you their last name or other personal information? Company policy PROHIBITS them from giving that out. And even if they COULD, it would still be a personal choice. There is nothing saying they would HAVE to give you that information.

That is information that you DO NOT need to have. So next time you call with a problem keep this in mind. They are there to help you. But they can only help if you want to be helped.

Also think about how you treat the rep that takes you call. If you were in their chair, would you appreciate being screamed and cussed at for nothing you did? No? Then DON'T DO IT!

If you call in expecting a bad time you'll get it. It's all up to you what kind of experience you have.


Lowes warranty service is a joke. I sympathize with you.

We purchased their extended protection plan on a Maytag refrigerator and thus far it has completely quit working 4 times. Each time it is the same problem, they have to replace the electronic unit that controls the temperature and the compressor. The most recent breakdown occurred on June 21st and it is still not fixed. First the parts weren't available, then when the repairman attempted to install them after they finally came in, sparks shot out of the back and it short-circuited the outlet it was plugged into.

He declared it 'not repairable' and contacted Lowes. According to the warranty terms they are supposed to pick it up and issue us a gift card in the amount that we paid for the refrigerator. That was 3 weeks ago and they have yet to do anything.

So I say again, their 'protection plan' is a complete joke and a waste of money. We have no choice but to use the gift card they provide, if we ever receive it, but we will NOT ever buy another extended protection plan from them.

Black Diamond, Washington, United States #10840

What do you want from them? They are fixing it.

The transmission went out in my 06 truck, fixed under warranty, but I was without the truck for almost 2 weeks. Don't harp on Lowes because you expect them to fix it that very day?

Be realistic, as THEY ARE FIXING IT!!!

I agree with the above post about the age of your machine. How "new" is it?

Lovettsville, Virginia, United States #10581

Did u buy a service plan from them? If you didn't then it is a MANUFACTURER's DEFECT!!!

Hence, you should call the manufacturer. If retailers wasted time and money to check EVERY SINGLE item that came through their store...then you would NEVER be able to afford them.

Oh, and I notice that you didn't even say how long ago you bought the washer....New can mean different things to different people. New can be last which case your warranty is up. So next time when you're asked if you want to buy a longer warranty...maybe you should think twice about it. Its the MANUFACTURER that gives a crappy warranty...and that is from EVERY MANUFACTURER in the WORLD!!!

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