Durant, Oklahoma

My mother purchased washer on the 4/29/2013.Middle of July stopped working called for appointment.Appointment set for 8/7/2013.Service repair person arrived 4pm and left 6pm after taking nap leaned up against wall where washer was located.Came back in house after being out in his truck I guess he was smoking because he smelled of cigarette smoke.He said he has to order part and would get back in touch.As of Monday no response called Lowes Spoke with Asst.store manager which was a waste of time.We have been unable to wash clothes for a month.They said if I had bought an extended warrant they would have give us a loner.I asked why stores don't stand behind products anymore that is the industry standard after 30 days they will have it repaired I told him that I should get a working one they could wait for the repair person.I have bought a lot from Lowes but I will drive 45 miles now to buy from Home depot.

Monetary Loss: $425.

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