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Went in to buy new washer-dryer combo and use my military discount. The lady in appliance department was courteous and helpful.

I found out that they(Lowe’s) requires you to buy a dryer pigtail, dryer vent tubing and new washer supply hose.

When I got to the checkstand, the checker knew nothing about how to ring it up or bring my order up and they failed to give me the military discount. On top of that the units were going to be delivered a month apart.

I went back, canceled the order and got my money back

Product or Service Mentioned: Washer And Dryer Combination.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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For military discounts, you must be registered and actually ask for it at check out. If it is missed, you can always ask customer service to apply it.

I'm sure before you left the appliance dept, they told you exactly what was being delivered and when. As for the hook up connections, they are not required with every purchase.


First off, Thank you for your Military Service.Second, Dear Anonymous. You need to be a little bit more respectful of our Military.

If the Government (good or bad) thinks they are good enough to risk their life AND give them a discount then by god they deserve it.

You must be the incompetent employee that waited on this customer. #enoughsaid


It's very possible you encountered a new cashier. Bet you weren't an expert on your first day of work.

When you left the appliance department you knew one of the appliances was in stock and the other wasn't. You also knew what the price of the appliances was and what you were expecting to pay with your discount.

Why didn't you just question the total while you were there rather than going back and getting a refund? I take it that your time isn't worth anything to you if you are going to go out and start the purchase process all over again elsewhere.

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