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Never once in my life would I refer anyone to buy from Lowe’s I have a stackable washer/dryer the washer rinse clothes 5 times than end of cycle we have to ring out the clothes by hand to put in dryer the washer have a loud noise putting water in to spinning clothes Wtf out

Product or Service Mentioned: Washer And Dryer Combination.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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First off, what does buying the washer and dryer from Lowes have to do with your problem? If you had purchased the same brand elsewhere you may well still have the problem.

What is the loud noise when the clothes spin? Is it a banging or rattling sound? If so, it may be that the shipping blocks, screws or rods (depending on manufacturer) were not removed when the washer was installed.

This would cause the banging sound and cause the washer not to get to full spin speed. If this is the case removing them should solve your problems.


Lowe's does not manufacture washers or dryers. Lowe's does not manufacture anything, they are a retail outlet.

Your complaint is with the manufacturer.

Lowe's does not test all appliances before they leave the store, they would not know if your appliance has a manufacturer defect. Of course I am sure you know all this, you just wanted to post something negative to be negative.

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