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Broke down after 3 months, on hold for 40 minutes trying to schedule repairs, lousy customer service. Was told because I did not purchase extended warranty, which goes into effect after a year they could not guarantee product after repair, would not accept return of the product and basically I am out of luck.

They suggested I must have gotten one of the few machine that would not function properly and that was too bad, so sad!!!! I informed the person that I had bought from Home Depot and never had a problem with their products and would never use LOWES again!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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It doesn't make any difference where you bought the machine. The manufacturer is responsible for the 1 year warranty that comes with the machine, not the retailer.

The manufacturer warranty covers REPAIR not replacement of the machine. Read your warranty and it will tell you to contact the manufacturer for repair. Who are you trying to schedule service with?

Hopefully you are calling the manufactures service number as they won't pay for warranty repairs unless they are made by an authorized service company. Hope you feel proud of you childish outburst with the person you were talking to.