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Ordered a new washing machine online with lowes on thanksgiving 2017. Was informed it would be delivered on Saturday November 25.

After not hearing from the company that would be delivering the washing machine i called lowes and they said it was not in the system.

Upon further checking they found it in the system and said it would have to wait until Sunday November 26 for delivery. Not happy at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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You placed an order online on a day the stores are closed. It's a little hard for the store to get an appliance and loaded on a truck for next day delivery when there is no one there. You should have been smart enough to consider this and should have contacted the store Friday morning to confirm delivery.


Oh, wow, a whole extra weekend day.

Major felony.

Really set you back.

I'm glad you don't have the job I held for 35 years ; material expeditor for a large manufacturing company ; hundreds of items daily from dozens of sources.

And all before the internet.

You people now are so spoiled by instant gratification that you don't understand the realities of commerce. Sit glued to your screen and expect the world to revolve faster won't work. Sympathy Level = 0

to William #1396961

Lol. That's why there is competition.

Customer is always right? Home Depot is so much more accommodating.

But professionals buy at real supply houses.

You sound like a *** and have no respect for the people that buy and put food on your table.

to Trump #1397273

"Lol.That's why there is competition."

LOL... It doesn't matter if you're stupid at Home Depot or Lowes, you're still a moron.

"put food on your table"

Oh thank you old great father for shaking crumbs from your table clothe to the peasants below.

You pretty much sound like a turkey who peaked in high school, has no one that really cares for them, is the person everyone invites to events but hope they don't show.

No REAL man or woman would live vicariously through trump or anyone else. So sorry that the only way you can feel like you're someone is to try and stomp on people who are actually at the same level as you.

Perhaps if you spent more time figuring out a way to please your mate mentally and physically so they don't stray while staying for other reasons than love you would once again be happy. Check with your doctor to see if your heart is strong enough first.

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