Havelock, North Carolina

Washing machine still broke after 2 months. We are now over $1000 dollars of parts and on the 3rd service company coming out to fix it (yeah right).

The last service tech said he was tired of wasting time and putting parts into the washer and still could not fix it. He said to call lowes and tell them to get another company to fix it. After talking to a lowes rep I was told I would get a call in 2 days to get a refund, well two weeks later I called and of course they did not have any records of the call so Chris (awesome supervisor NOT) said the best he can do is make another appt.

to get it fixed. LOWES and SAMSUNG suck.

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Lowes didn't make the washer. Samsung made the machine and is responsible for the warranty. It is Samsung you should be complaining about not Lowes.


This is an lowes PR EMPLOYEE...ALL THEY DO IS PASS THE BUCK.....nice try but your response is conflicting