Saint Louis, Missouri

For the past seven months I have been a delivery driver for Lowes in St. Louis Mo.

Every day we took applicance to homes in a Lowes delivery truck. As we loaded the appliances, we noticed dents, sctaches and damage on the appliances and showed it to our supervisor. She routinely had us delivery it to the customer that way. If they didn't see it, Lowes got away with it.

Often the damage was unneath the appliance as if it had been dropped or bent up on the bottom.

This is where all of the working parts are. If you buy appliances or cabinets from Lowes you better inspect it, you just might be getting damaged goods.

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Yes I work for them, Almost ALL the damage happens during shipping to the store, Why they still deliver them is beyond me. they will give you DEEP discounts if you decide to keep the appliance, if not send it back for an undamaged one. the squeaky wheel gets greased


1. Written by Larry Birt on February 17, 2012

Well, I'm glad to see that this is a Lowes nationwide norm! I have bought three appliances from Lowes. A Maytag freestanding range, and two years later matching Samsung front loading washer / dryer with bases. The range had a banged-in side and the washer had a large dent on the front just below the power buttons. Lowes knocked 10% off the stove and gave me one of the bases free of charge.

My son has received a damaged clothes dryer (the third one delivered was the least damaged), a $1400 refrigerator with a big dent in back and scratch down one side, and yesterday a kitchen stove with the right side banged in.

I know several people who have received damaged appliances from the same store. The delivery people ALWAYS say it is the night crew who unload the tractor trailers causing the damage.

Does anyone have good stories about Lowes appliances??????