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I work for Lowes in Southern Pines, North Carolina. I have heard from multiple people on multiple occasions that one of the delivery drivers is on pills.

He has been stealing pills from the customers. Alot of the customers that they deliver to are elderly and just leave their medicine on the kitchen counter.

I had to go out on delivery with him one day, at the time I wasn't sure if the rumors were true, and on one stop we were delivering a refrigerator and I walked out of the house to grab a tool and when I came back in he was looking at their medicine.

I told him to put it down that it wasn't his and he did. Just a couple of days later someone told me that he crushed a pill and sniffed it in front of him.

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sometimes drugs make the work more interesting leave the person alone, i bet you wished they shared.


Tasha. What's up?

Seems like you and I have been criss-crossing on some of our reviews that we are browsing. Thanks for the flattering point of interest you are taking with me. Tasha, would do me the honor of saying hi sometime when we cross.

It would nice to know that a person is not completely alone on this site. Good night.


Well Electrical Pro

Your sentence stucture sucks. You begin a sentence with a capital letter. What's one spelling error compared to your lack of puncunuation.

Sean/truth going overboard is what makes the site interesting.


"Electrical Pro", guess what, I made some spelling "boo-boos" on my last entry. Let me be humble and rip myself apart.

WOW!!! I am so "poopy" for my spelling.


Hello "Electrical pro". Just wanted to personally say hi and clarify some things.

I went overboard on some of my comments in alot of the subjects I commented on the other day. I apologized for the mistakes made. Go through and read them for yourself. Also, thanks for the spell check.

Critcism then practice makes for better skills. I took advice from a couple of our fellow "critiquers". Now, for the part of you believing if my profession is "legit", who cares? These are just random, unknown people with some things on their mind.

By the way, the more info someone gives "bout themself, the more fuel someone has to possibly harm that person. I gave to much already and I amm sorry for that. Hey, you are a "questioning" person and that is good. However, just because your title is "Electrical Pro", does that mean you are a electrical journeyman wireman.

I need more proof on you. My advice on what I just said---stay to yourself with the personal stuff or you will have people like you commenting back to yourself.


now Sean/truth...you need to stop the vandetta on this one. oh, your spelling of field day was a little off.

Lets see manager...hummm....I think not.

I need more info that you are so and if

you are then I'll apologize but if you are not then I will expose you for what you really are....


I am a Lowes Employee also. I am a manager.

I am making it my personal challenge to file a complaint to your store in regards to your involvement in hiding drug use in the company and to bring you into light about the confidentiality breach you just performed by hanging an employee out to the world on an world internet site. You just gave me your store and just enough info to track you and the other employee. You messed up. This is a site for consumers to complain and gripe about consumer issues.

Not for you to "slay" your co-workers and employer. Your HR manager will have a feild day on this.