Willimantic, Connecticut
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I purchased a brand new pump for my new well i had installed.. upon instalation the pump worked for approx.

1 minute and shut off.. I checked all my valves and pressure tank and wiring to make sure that there was nothing wrong with those areas and they were all find.. my last resort was to take out the pump and check that and to my surprise it wasn't working correctly.. I called Lowes to see if i could exchance for another pump and I was told that they discontinued that pump 9 months ago and that I would have to contact the manufacturer directly..

Now as I sit here with no water, i am extremely pissed and the water ace company better go good for their no good product.. I have two small kids and no water..

It's about 90 degrees here and water would be nice!!! Sincerely pissed off customer in way upstate NY (Plattsburgh) Roger M.

Monetary Loss: $330.

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It doesn't sound like you installed the pump as soon as you bought it. I don't understand how people expect a store to exchange products they bought months or years ago.

Vendors may discontinue an item or they may change their line up of stocked items. Next time wait till you are going to use a product before you buy it.


Lowes has treated me like a king over the years. I special ordered 8'garage doors when i should have ordered 9' doors.

My fault and the corrected with no extra charges.

I dont work for Lowes or own their stock. I hate Home Depot thou.