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Lowe's doesn't quite want to deal with this consumer after they installed a leaking faucet for me that has caused around $11,000 water damage. It has been going on 6 months now. It is being assessed by the manufacturer to determine if the faucet is actually faulty. I have my suspicions it is not the faucet after what the plumber said.

Lowe's refused to even give me an estimate on replacing my flooring or even looking at the water damage when it occured.

Any advice on who to contact at Lowe's who can take care of this matter since the store in my location doesn't want to assist?

Monetary Loss: $11.

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Okay, well. First off, Lowe's won't do anything about your faucet or the damages it caused.

The reason for that is, Lowe's did not install your water faucet. See, here's how this works.. Lowe's hires subcontractors through their Installed Sales department. Whenever you want something installed from Lowe's that's who you're going to be working with.

When one of the contractors accepts the job, they take liability for all the work, materials, and problems that would arise from the situation. You need to get in touch with the contractor that installed your fixture. If you can't remember or you don't know who installed it, then I advise you to call the Lowe's you setup your installation. Ask to speak to the Installed Sales department.

Politely explain your situation and ask if they could pull up your file or look it up in the system.

I hope you better understand the situation. Thanks.

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