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On 9/7/09 we went to your Higley Rd store in Mesa, AZ to order a water heater installation. We were told someone would be call us on Tuesday 9/8 between 8 and 9 am to come out that morning and detail the unit so it would be installed that day.(9/7 was labor day) Our water heater was completely gone and we had to go without water to the entire home until this was resolved.

My husband arranged to be off work that morning and call me with the time they would be there and I would come home to see the detailer at the designated time. We never got the call that morning and my husband was going back & forth on the phone with Tom at the store who was trying to get this straightened out.

We got a phone call at 1:48 in the afternoon from Karen at the store who said the installer couldn't do it and another installer would be calling us around 5:30 pm to come do the detail and then install the heater the next day (9/9). She left me that mans Richard at R&R Plumbing)phone number and I called him back as we had an appointment at that time of day. We agreed he could come at 8:30 am on the 9th, do the detail and he would go to the store to pick up what as needed, and the store would call me for the charge card numbers. He left at 9am, (the store is 10 minutes away). He called me at 10:30 to come to the store and sign some paperwork and pay the bill. I was to see Art or Bryce in plumbing.

I went immediately and Art was there but he was taking care of another customer. He call some other CS person who said he couldn't help me. Bryce was nowhere to be found. I waited about 20 minutes when here comes the installer to pick up the heater and parts. He was also made to wait. I was finally taken care of after a 50 minute wait for Bryce(who was at lunch).

My Husband lost $170 in pay that day, I lost $30 in pay. The people at the store were very apologetic, however, no one offered any compansation or discount for the aggravation, frustration and loss of pay due to their inability to see that their original installer did his job. (we found out that Richard at R&R was on call on laber day and could have done the detail and the install a day earlier had the store bothered to contact him).

This was our first time doing business with Lowes, and you can be assured it will be out last. It really angered me to pay that $886 bill after the mess that was made on this purchase and installation. I guess that's why the Home Depot keeps sych a loyal consumner base. I certainlly don't see how Lowes can.

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