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I decided to upgrade and buy a bigger water heater 80 gallons. I bought the extended warrantee.

In two years the water heater has rusted out and is leaking. Calling lowes and american water heater they told me the process. I have to send pictures for them to review. If after their review they decide they will cover I have to drain tank take it back to Lowes and they may replace.

All labor is my expense. Stay away from lowes never buy appliances there. Go to sears they have much better warrantees.

In addition it takes hours to get someone on the phone and they refuse to transfer you to a manager. This is a total scam stay away

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I have almost the same case as you. I bought the new house about the second years and the water heater leaks and around the tank.

The plumber fix the leaking but the rusting, he points the finger to the manufacturer.

The manufacturer said that they guaranty for tank if it rusts from the inside tank out NOT from the outside in. Welcome to the same old ball game and good luck.

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