Orange, California

We bought a carpet in Lowes in Mission Valley, California on Sept.15 and they said that in two weeks maximun we have the carpet installed, after many calls including the manager finally they said that maybe they are going to receive the carpet on October 13, they knew that we have an open house on October 10 that was the purpose of the adquisition of a new carpet, but they said that they can not do nothing, I don't know why we went to Lowes we had other bad experience 2 years ago, if we have Home Depot close why we went to Lowes, but we never go there to buy nothing there

Monetary Loss: $3.

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I had a problem with a Lowes employee verbally promising an install date and not following through. Luckily in Kansas verbal promises are binding and I had the phone call to prove what was stated.

I received my Kitchen floor for free because of it. I've had a number of problems with Lowes and am afraid that I might have to try my luck at Home Depot to finish my project.


Poor Rick Rebecca....what promises? If it's not in writing, try to prove the installer promised it.


Companies with Integrity stand behind their products and always take care

of the customer!


Well, you ***, do you think Lowe's manufactures carpet? Obviously whoever makes the product is holding this deal up.

Why would Lowe's take your money and deprive you of your carpet?

Go to Depot, they deserve you.


Took Lowes 4 months past the first promise date to get our carpet installed. Seam lines show and other promises made by installer that came out to quote and install job were never completed.

Ask Lowes manager in Murphy, NC about this and was told to f^%^ off as Lowes is not reasonable for promises made by the installer and that we should read the contract again.

Our last major purchase from customer friendly people