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I am an elderly man with a disabled wife. I bought an electric heater to replace my existing gas water heater on Nov 1 2013 at Lowes in Burlington, IA.

After wiring it up we waited 2 days for it to heat. Nothing. We had an electrician friend come who checked out the electrical and said he couldn't see anything wrong. After 1 1/2 weeks of waiting for hot water, we called our local electric company thinking it was electric problem.

To our surprize it was the electric water heater itself. After having found the factory defective heater element we were charged $175 to have the heater fixed. We went to the Burlington Store and was told there was nothing they would do for us. Even the store manager was rude and high and mighty attitude.

We only asked if they could pay the $175 for the fix but they laughed at me. Please help with this matter.

I am a Pastor and do not appreciate the bad representation of the Lowes company. I will not buy at Lowes again unless this matter is attended to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $575.

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So You buy a water heater and wait 2 days for it to heat up without taking action? You then call an electrician who finds nothing wrong, and then wait another 1 and a half weeks for hot water?

Lowes has a 30 day no question asked return policy. They most likely would have delivered a new Water Heater to you the next day and picked the defective one up. Did you not think to call Lowes before you paid to come have someone fix your current water heater?

Did you not think to contact the Manufacturer of the water heater to take advantage of their 6+ year warranty process before just blindly paying out of pocket for a repair? The manufacturer would most likely have told you to take the product back to lowes for an even exchange or a full refund.

So after bypassing any logical action that any reasonable person would have taken you expect Lowes to pay for your repair when you ignored all basic defective product procedures.