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We purchased a refrigerator last month. The noises it makes wakes us up every night.

Went there two weeks ago to complain but we were told they all make these noises. Went back today and they us it was over 30 days and we would have to have it repaired. Had we been told this 2 weeks ago we would have a replacement. After spending over 2000.00 cash I am appauled.

I will never buy another appliance from Lowes and I will spread the word. They leave the customer uninformed until it is too late.

I am no dummy but they need to be up front with their customers. I will rent a truck and put in on their doorstep..

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $2200.

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Hey, "Common Sense", I worked for Lowes and they try every trick in the book (and then some) to NOT replace faulty appliances. Lowes IS NOT up front with its customers in any way.

All Lowes cares about is sales. Multi-billion dollar a year company that does not pay its employees jack. If you work for them, your a fool (or a loser that can't get another job). BTW, I quit working for them for better $$ and more integrity...

Myragosnell, spead the word and buy elsewhere. BTW, if you raise enough H*** with the store Manager, he will replace your unit!


The return policy for Lowes is available at lowes.come, in the store sales booklets, on a HUGE board near the registers, and also on your receipt. They were very up-front with you about this.

If you bought a new appliance, the manufacturer likely warranties it for 90-180 days, try them and quit your crying.

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