I would just like to say that web orders are not to friendly to the associate's at Lowes. What I mean by that is, example: A customer does a web order and we do the follow up call back within 24 hrs, at least I do anyway.

I call the customer and get a voice mail the 1st call, left voice mail for customer to call back, later in the day I call one more time before my shift ends and was told I had the wrong number, so, thinking I may have dialed a wrong number, I made another attempt in calling the customer and got the voicemail and left a message for customer to call back to discuss a delivery date. Two days go by and I place one more call and the person that answered the phone told me his name and that I had the wrong number. I searched for an alternate number and there was none. So that leaves me to wait on the customer to try and get a hold of us.

Well, seven days after the order was placed customer care calls me and informs me about the order placed and the customer said no one has made an attempt to call her so the customer was very frustrated and upset. So I pulled up my comments and read my comments to customer care and the customer on the attempts I made trying to call this customer. And... I read out the number I was calling.

Well... The customer put in the wrong number. And it has been happening a little to much. I've had a few customers put in the wrong numbers and either I got customer care calling or the customer calling.

So. That being said, I do follow the rules by calling within 24 hrs, So please go back and review your inputs as soon as your done and make sure everything is correct, especially the phone number so we can contact you, and this only takes seconds to review, it will save you, customer care and myself a whole lot of unnecessary headaches

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