Centreville, Virginia
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Lowe's website assured me that the local store has the item I need in "in stock and ready for delivery". When I called the store to check, I was told "that item is discontinued and is not in stock nor will it be in stock".

Get with it, Lowes......don't have your website say one thing when in fact it's simply not true. You are SO not helpful!

If this is how you run your business, I'd rather patronize the little Mom & Pop appliance store down the street (you know, the one's you've been putting out of business for years).

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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First off, so they don't have the item you wanted. Relax.

They have 45,000 items on hand and yes, at times their inventory is not correct. Move on with your life. Secondly, if you want to patronize the local 'mom and pop' place then do so. You obviously don't since you were at Lowe's in the first place.

Besides, at the mom and pop place you will pay twice as much, but you already know that.

Stop your *** and get off your *** and walk into the store and find your product if you want it that bad. A lazy is a lazy does.

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