Dickson City, Pennsylvania
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I called the local store because my fridge died. The website says next day delivery.

The sales associate said yeah, not sure why thats on there. More like 3 or 4 days. False advertising. we have had numerous other problems with them too.

Tried to get counters and were grossly over measured. Brought it to their attention and the response was oh yeah I put something in twice...sorry! Then after seven weeks we were told they were going to be installed on Saturday. On Friday they said the material came in damamged.

I totally cancelled the order. Went with a local comapany and had granite counters in 2 weeks.

Also went with a local store and got a fridge in 2 days! Never step foot in a lowes again!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Lowes Cons: Being lied to.

  • Customer Service Lowes
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quit complaining and things go well. but negative surroundings bring you bad karma.

I bet you were not nice about the situation so of course you got the worst karma. I wouldn't deal with you either.

There are always two sdie to a story. You need to call if you order on line that your fridge was not working in order for them to move it to next day delivery.